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  1. Well first of all i want to say you thanks as i got such nice information here. As i had the same problem with me. I have tried a lot but i was not able to find such information. After all i got it from here. I like this step by step information much.
  2. Well as you know applications can log the system activity in two ways, one being according to their autonomous logic & the other through the system's log daemon. The beginning of time, cPanel has logs that it simply does not rotate properly. You have to done settings for it. And still you are not able to do it than you have to show it to ant software engineers.
  3. Well according to me 17" will be fine. But it depends on where you are going to put your computer. I mean to say place where you are going to put it. The another thing is that which type you want ?. Because there are so many LCD are available now. Do you want it in square or triangle ?.Have you visited a website that has a web page width too wide for your monitor or browser window ? 19" will look like a TV.
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