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  1. Hi,


    It's almost a week, when every day one of the tables in my databse crushed. What should I do with it? Every time I run "repair table ....", but it's ennoying, when I discover new crushed table. Schould I repair my whole database?


    Thanks for some advice.



  2. Either the packed file is corrupt or there is a file that's being packed that is corrupt. Have you tried a full backup instead of a Home Backup?

    Well, I did full backup and it is fine. I have problem with partial backup. Since June all files are corrupted but just right now I noticed that... I just want partial backup from time to time, not full... And the problem is that there exist option in cPanel but I cannot use it properly. Funny thing is that for support everything goes fine and I have a problem.


    I will not say that I cannot delete database and support do that without problems. Problem is that if I can use something (I have option) than why I cannot do that?

  3. Noooooooooo :)


    It is not like that. I can use 1,4 of disk space. My home directory had 840MB (so I had around 560MB free) and the gziped file was corrupted.

    This post, which you linked explain something but...


    I made some cleaning and right now my home directory has about 640MB and the problem persist - I cannot download good backup.


    Please, I change network, computers and the problem persist. For right now the one answer of support is: we can do your backup without problems and if you want - we can do for you good backup. It is very kind but I want to do backup all by myself - They gave me function do do it but I cannot use it (I have button "Make backup" and i am not afraid to use it! ;-) )


    So... Anybody had such a problem? :D

  4. Hallo everyone :)


    I have other problem with home directory backup. I'm using option for partial backup in cPanel.

    The problem is that I'm downloading home directory backup and when I try to unpack it I have information about "unexpected end of file". I created ticket and the result is:

    changing network, changing computer - change nothing for me with backup - it is corrupted.


    Can anybody tell me if there is any coherence between size of home directory and space on the disk? I mean: if my home directory has around 840MB and I have just 1,4GB place on disk space there is possibility to do backup using function of partial backup in cPanel or it will be uncomplished because of not enough disk space?


    Anybody knows answer to that question?

  5. I'm using:

    cPanel -> mySQL Databases.


    I would like to do some "spring cleaning". I deleted some small, testing databases, but I have problems with another. I received question if am I sure to delete database X, I'm pressing yes, I receive information, that database X was deleted, I'm checking the list of databases and... Surprise! Database X is on the list... Do I have to open new ticket or I can somehow delete it all by myself?

  6. I'm not sure what's happening when you try to make a backup but I use the dbsender script to make my backups and email them to me. Maybe you should give that a try. You can set up a cron job to run once a day and email the backup to you automating the processes.

    Bruce, thank you. I will try your script.


    The problem with database backup is solved. I don't have exact reason, but maybe the resolution was in this topic: http://forums.cpanel.net/f5/mysql-backup-cpanel-80453.html


    TYhe result: I have one more password to change and remember (I get a new database user and password) :D I don't have them enough :thumbdown:

  7. In a couple of posts above this one, you say they can do the backup which I don´t doubt since you can do it too (if I haven´t misunderstood it), but I would ask them to also extract the backup and ask them for the result.

    Yes, they can do the backup, but when I'm doing - it's empty. When I write is empty - it means it is empty. Yesterday I have downloaded backup made by e-mail interlocutor. It was fine, good, perfect and not empty backup of my database. But I - I can do just empty.

  8. I had 4 forums to update and two updated successfully using the auto updater, however the other two got the same error.....


    Notice: Undefined index: LOG_DELETE_TOPIC in /home/***/public_html/birdforumsite.com/language/en_us/common.php on line 877


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/***/public_html/birdforumsite.com/language/en_us/common.php:877) in /home/***/public_html/birdforumsite.com/install/database_update.php on line 175


    Line 877 is

    $lang['LOG_TOPIC_DELETED'] = $lang['LOG_DELETE_TOPIC'];

    The comments over that line....

    // Two language keys with the same text were used in different locations

    // LOG_DELETE_TOPIC is the correct one, this line is here so that existing

    // log entries are not broken. Ensure it is included in your language file.


    ACP log shows database was updated though. Should I be concerned? Thanks!


    It is not easier to ask on phpbb.com forum? Someone had the same problem. Look: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2014235&start=15

  9. Time to reply to that ticket and ask them to investigate it further it seems.

    I replied, but they see no problem (they can do the backup) :) I tried different browser ans the problem persist. I will insist to solve this problem. I'm sorry to tell that, but in this case I am like a pitbull ;-) The problem will be solved I hope :)

  10. Thanks Thomas - I thought that first I will ask here :) But if there's no simple answer I will create ticket.

    Super. I've created ticket and now my database is dead :)


    General Error

    SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]


    Access denied for user 'frugane'@'localhost' (using password: YES) [1045]


    An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.


    Before reaktions like that I would like to be inform :D

  11. Welcome to the forum, lemina. :)


    I would open a ticket with the help desk about this and ask them to have a look at it. Link on top of page and in my signature.

    Thanks Thomas - I thought that first I will ask here :) But if there's no simple answer I will create ticket.

  12. Hello,


    1. I'm doing database backup using cPanel->Backup

    2. Last "good" backup I have from 20th March 2010. When I tried to do new backup 29 - I downloaded empty file. Why is that and what is cure for that? I would like do do full backup of database, but right now this is impossible. So, I need some help.



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