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  1. My inbox has been flooded for the past week of "undeliverable"s and "returned" messages. I figured at first it was just spam/virus spamming, but today in looking at each one I see that everyone is returned to a different address: jack@lunardreams.net, stan@lunardreams.net, etc etc etc. Is this a possible virus infection somehow on my computer, or did some site just grab my domain name off the internet and then start sending out all this stuff itself? IE, is this a problem I need to concern myself with, or should I just block it and forget about it?




  2. Funny, too, is that most people/small companies don't encrypt or secure their wireless networks... so anyone with a wireless card and a laptop can get right into their system. A friend from college found out by accident that a local restaurant has no security on theirs... and when he downloaded a big file it completely cut off their computer/payment system! I told him he ought to offer to fix it for them for a fee. =) (he's in training to be a network guru - I'm in programming, myself)

  3. True, true, to all of it. And I definitely agree that our laws NEED to start catching up to the technology. I know they keep saying that the laws weren't created for this purpose, etc, etc... that's all well and good... so fix it!! I watch Law and Order all the time and it's usually fairly accurate of our laws... and one whole episode was about someone who installed cameras into every room of apartments he leased out... and they couldn't legally prosecute him because only WIRETAPPING is illegal, since there was only video and no sound, it's not illegal, and since it was his building, it wasn't even break and entry! Situations like that just show how very much we need to update our laws to protect the citizens' privacy.


    Anyways, about the spam, I found the filter and set it to catch everything that spam-assassin tags, but set the lvl to 3 instead of 5, and it works like a charm! I'm now getting maybe TWO spam messages a day - compared to 50+! This makes me SO happy.


    And I definitely agree that blocking individual addresses rarely work... even IF they don't hide their email address (most spammers disguise their addresses so it appears it's coming from somewhere else), they rarely use the same one twice. =/ It's an uphill battle, for sure.



  4. Oh, thanks so much, I will set that up tomorrow.


    I swear, spammers have got to be one of the lowest forms of life on the earth, second to murderers and maybe virus-makers. (At least virus-makers get some sort of satisfaction from it. Spamming to make a buck while polluting the net and really getting nothing out of it is just beyond my comprehension).

  5. I am now getting upwards of 50 spam messages a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I know you have a spam filter installed, but all it does is tag what it thinks is spam, and requires my email program (Eudora) to move them to the trash. While this helps somewhat, it's catching less than half the spam I get. Can anything be done to help me stem the tide? Any new spam-filtering software being installed? I'm getting so fed up with all this junk, I am avoiding even opening my email. :goof: I may have to change my email address, which would be a major hassel (and wouldn't really solve the problem, I'm sure my new one would just accumulate spam over time too).


    Thanks for any help,



  6. Don, I see what you mean. She gave me access to her control panel and the problem is, well, very strange:


    It is actually installed at redajah.org/forum/. All the files exist there, including index.php. However, when you type in the URL, you get redirected to a page that doesn't exist. Why would it be doing that?? There's no other index.xxx in that folder, just the index.php of the phpBB forum.

  7. I have a reseller site and one of the people I'm hosting sent me an email:


    When I tried to install my phpBB forums ( which should be here according to the panel http://redajah.org/forums ) I get a "page not found"  Any idea what might be up?


    Does anyone have any helpful hints before I try figuring out what's up? I've never used the control panel's installation scripts before.


    Thanks for any advice.

  8. I have been noticing that a lot of sites I go to have an icon beside their URL (I'm using Mozilla), and I would like to put one on mine. Unforutnately neither of my graphics programs (PSP and Photoshop) have the capacity for creating .ico files. Am I missing something? How is everyone creating these images?

  9. The odd thing is that it's connecting most of the time and downloading half the time. No error messages, the whole program just freezes; I have to close it down and re-open it and hope it works the next time. It's also timing out a lot recently. I will contact my ISP, they apparently want to upgrade to "faster modems", perhaps that is the reason.

  10. I've been using Eudora (Sponsored) for probably over 2 years now. It works great. But just recently (within the last week or two) it's started freezing very consistently when connecting to the server and downloading the mail. It happens on both my laptop and my desktop computer. Is that a server connection problem? Or what else would be causing it? And how do I fix it? Argh, it's getting really annoying.

  11. Thank you muchly.


    Just a comment to number 2: a LOT of the names I've come up with that I can't register the .com for, there is no .com website found when I type it in or it's "coming soon" or some other advertising thing. That ticks me off in such a bad way! It's feels like such a waste of a limited resource.

  12. I have considered myself as Lunar Magic Designs for something like 5 years now, even though I've never done paid freelance work. Now I am starting to build up a professional business, now that I have some practical experience, college education, and world knowledge. In that time I have gotten a not-so-positive response to my name. When I hand out my email address as "natalie@lunarmagicdesigns.com" people look at me twice and just generally don't take me seriously. I'm a girl, I look young, and this name is really not helping that image. After considerable deliberation, I have decided to break stride and find a new business name.


    Here are my considerations:

    - I want something that isn't frilly, isn't girly. I need something clean-lined, professional, and a little techy (I do programming, web design, etc).

    - I want something more or less easily pronouncable and spellable. In my writing I love substituding y's for i's, but if I were to tell people (outloud) that my domain name is "xandrycaera.com" I'm all but shooting myself in the foot.

    - I need something that translates into a relatively short domain name. "goldensunsetskydesigns.com" is just too much. (So is my current "lunarmagicdesigns.com, IMO). Also, I'm staying away from hyphens, for the spelling reason.


    My business name is going to be used primarily as an email address/domain name. My business will be a small freelance type deal, I have no desires on creating a multi-million-dollar empire. I want to someday work in-house for a company doing programming, but I need a professional email address to put on my resume (and to communicate with).


    With that background, here are my questions:


    1: In a professional environment, is .com the only accepted domain extension? How acceptable are .biz, .info, .ws, .cc? (I would go for a .ca or .us, but I am a canadian citizen finishing school in canada and then planning to move to the states, so I don't feel limiting myself would be a good idea)


    2: Given the situation where I have a list of domain names that I'm okay with and people favor one that has no .com extension available, should I go with the favored domain .biz or choose a different domain .com?


    3: Given a list of business/domain names that aren't foofy/girly, and people I ask favor one name but I personally feel a different one would be more "me", that I feel more of an affinity for, should I go with my instincts, or follow the general concensus?


    4: Which is better: making up a name by combining two words or changing spellings, or going with a name based on a real (or commonly accepted) word that will have been used before by someone, somewhere?



    I will very much appreciate any advice anyone can give, I've been frying my brain trying to work this stuff out the past few days and am hoping for a few more objective opinions (my boyfriend and friends are nice, but sometimes a bit too involved - or not experienced enough - to give a good opinion). Thank you in advance.

  13. I recently moved a site into my reseller package, now I'm getting an error when I try to view it:



    You don't have permission to access / on this server.


    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.





    Apache/1.3.28 Server at www.wmmsbl.com Port 80


    It was moved over a day ago, I think it was two days now. Everything is uploaded, I can ftp in and view everything. It was working before it moved. Any idea what's causing this?

  14. I feel like I've been a pain lately, since I've been setting up and moving accounts all over hell. I promise once this is set up I'll leave y'all alone! But I just wanted to say just how great you have all been, and how very happy I am about the help I have recieved. I would also mention that, though I have a reseller account and am offering small, cheap hosting packages for personal use to friends, if anyone comes to me asking for a big hunk of space you can be sure I will tell them to go straight to you. Thank you so much!

  15. I have used exclusively PCs for the last 4+ years, and in high school I only used Macs to type stuff and surf the net - all my website stuff was done at home. I use (and love) WS_FTP as a free FTP client - it's not fancy, it's not terribly pretty, but it does it simply and well.


    So I got a job with the college newspaper and their whole office is Macs. I had to transfer photos to my home computer last week and, guess what, I couldn't. The pictures were so big that I couldn't get any email to send them. I looked up FTP programs for macs so I could upload them to my website and get them later, but couldn't find any free ones!


    So please, do you have any suggestions? If anyone knows of a good free FTP program for Macs, I'll go that route.


    I could also try installing an FTP interface like PHP-Nuke, I think is one of them. Someone I know mentioned Internet Explorer (we use IE on the Macs) has a built-in FTP functionality, would that work?


    Bah, Macs, why Macs?? Grrrrr.

  16. I'm just curious, I'm probably just being impatient here, but usually when I leave a help desk ticket it's responded to in a matter of hours or minutes. I updated my last one with some new info and it's been a day now. Like I said, I'm probably just being impatient, I'm really excited to get started, and I hate waiting.... lol

  17. Cool, option 1 is definitely available to me.


    Do you know of any tutorials or sites on Cron Jobs? Even if I don't choose to do that, it would be good knowledge to have. And how to impliment them, I have no clue. *g*

  18. This may not be a PHP question, but it's something I've been stumped on for quite some time.


    I have PHP pages and MySQL databases. This all works great for me for almost everything. (I throw in some JavaScript if I need pop-up windows or dynamic stuff).


    Now, is there any way, with any of that set up how it is, to cause it to send me a "reminder"? I would love to set up some sort of reminder database - or, say, when I have a database of clients, and they need recurring billing, can I create a script to send me an email when it gets within a month of needing to ask them for the next year's payment?


    Would appreciate any conjecture, at this point. I have a few ideas, but there's got to be something simpler out there.

  19. I'm not doing it quite yet... I have to scrape together the money first. LOL (I'm trying to get a few friends to host their sites through me to help me pay for it, bwahah).


    But yeah, the name got me for a while until someone suggested I do that... then the lightbulb went on. *G*

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