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  1. 1: What do you mean a customer? I wasn't aware this was a business, I thought it was a forum for people who were seeking hosting help ; 2: Can I create a database with your software? 3: I was using HTML and coding in Notepad, but I'm using Smart FTP as my FTP client.
  2. Okay, I'm a total novice at all this. I have made a couple of websites, but now I'm trying to create a forum. I have no idea of how to go about this without ripping source from an existing forum. I want it to be a self enclosed forum if that makes sense. I have a website, but the forum I have is hosted on another server. I have a server of my own where my website is hosted, so is it possible to pull the two together some how, or should I just rip the source and add it into my FTP folder and then tweak the code until it refers back to its self instead of going off to this other server? I'm
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