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  1. I don't know if this is the correct place for this thread... but hey, i need the question answered :P (besides... someone can move it)


    So here is my problem:

    It's been a year since i started with Totalchoice hosting, and here it is a month after its expiration date, and I still have my site. No complaints, but I wan't to cancel it. My parents are paying for everything and I was told that they need to switch it from their debit card to credit card. However I don't remember my account number or name (or password) for totalchoice hosting. I had it printed out and saved, but my parents succeeded in losing it... :dance:


    How could I either:

    a ) get my account name and password so i can log in and manage my domains, etc. (cancel)

    b ) cancel my registration with TotalChoice and cancel the domain so i can start from scratch.


    It would be appreciated to get help on this ASAP.

    My website name btw is www.deranged-brain.com (heh)

  2. i like dreamcloudwolf's idea :dance:

    I think writing would be the easiest contest to establish since everyone here has that capability (just on differnet levels.) Getting a Mr. Potatoe head isnt the easiest for everyone, nor is designing. (those damned programs cost a lot B)).

  3. *is kinda new here* Thanks to bladestorm.net for introducing me here. :)

    I seem to get pretty nifty wth photoshop, and I'd like am xbox... contest IS still going, right? I'll give this a shot.


    EDIT: ...there is only a first place prize? or firs AND second? A good idea might be:


    Allow the first place winner to choose which one he wants, and the second place winner is just stuck with the other one. :) Of course, just an idea.

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