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  1. Thomas,


    Thank you for the continued guidance/support...I will keep you posted.




    I have followed through on your instructions & Nvu seems to be publishing...at least that's what it states 'publishing' & the indicator is continuing to flow. But, this has been for almost an hour...


    Should it take this long?

  2. If you have a virtual account you should only have one cpanel username. This name should be used both for accessing the cpanel and ftp.

    If you have a reseller account, you might have two or user names (one for the whm and one per account/domain).




    This should be http://primenetworkinternational.com


    On Nvu, which username do I use for the Publishing server section?

    Most likely the cpanelusername, see #1.


    As presented on Nvu: Publishing Address (e.g. 'ftp://ftp.myisp.com/myusername')

    ftp.primenetworkinternational.com or ftp.primenetworkinternational.com/public_html (not sure since I haven´t used Nvu.



    What is the username needed here?

    I can only guess that it should be the cpanel username since I haven´t tried Nvu.)




    Here the cpanels password needs to be entered. The password is in your welcome email.



    Same here as with #1, you should only have one password if you are on a virtual account.






    Thank you for the continued guidance/support...I will keep you posted.

  3. You need to use your domain name or the IP to access your account. Please refer to the welcome email you received for specific details concerning account access.






    Thanks for the response.


    I have included my domain name & pertinent info as stated on the welcome email. I have tried to publish from Nvu with no success. Using the following:


    I received two usernames from TCH…one for accessing my overall account & then one for FTP.



    On Nvu, which username do I use for the Web Site Information section?


    As presented on Nvu: HTTP of your home page (e.g.'http//www.myisp.com/myusername')



    On Nvu, which username do I use for the Publishing server section?


    As presented on Nvu: Publishing Address (e.g. 'ftp://ftp.myisp.com/myusername')




    Also, Nvu asks for another username right above the publishing button.



    What is the username needed here?




    Right before the publishing button as well is a password field...



    Do I use the password for my overall account?




    Do I use the password for my FTP account?



    Your attention to detail would be highly appreciative in answering each of the above questions. Thank you in advance for your timely & forward-thinking response.



  4. Bruce,


    Thanks for your insight...I am proceeding accordingly.







    Having trouble publishing…For settings this is what I input as follows:


    http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/my username to log into my cpanel/


    ftp://ftp.totalchoicehosting.com/my user name for ftp/


    Is this the right settings or should I be using domain name in the place of totalchoicehosting…And for user name of the "Web Site Information" & "Publishing Server" should that be the username of the FTP?



  5. Welcome to the forums Ken :)


    As has been mentioned the moderators are here to assist in answering questions and don't have access to your site to make any modifications.


    That being said, Thomas mentioned giving NVU a try. It is a free easy to use HTML editor and site management tool. To replace your content with an "Under Construction" page, just create an index.html file with what ever you want the page to display (that's where NVU will help), save it as index.html and upload it to the "public_html" folder. All of your pages and images should reside in the "public_html" folder of your account. You can upload your pages and images using the File Manager in cPanel, an FTP client or the publish function of NVU.





    Thanks for your insight...I am proceeding accordingly.



  6. Yes, I see that now.


    Unfortunately I don´t know how MS Office works with html files, but I would assume that you should be able to download the index.html file and work with it in a free (and easy to use, says those who have used it) html editor / program called NVU, which you can download at nvu.com, alt open the index file in MS Office if you have it installed and go from there. Personally I would try the NVU way first.



    Thanks for the guidance & hanging in there with me...


    I will proceed accordingly & give you an update ASAP...

  7. I am sorry, but we moderators don´t have access to the servers or your account, so we can´t replace your site content or add for that matter.


    May I ask how the content that I see when I go to your site, was done? The reason I ask is because depending on which program you used to make this site, the instructions may vary, or is the site made by someone else that may know this?



    Yes, the person who did the site didn't complete the work which is why I am stuck with an unattractive site.


    I am not sure what program they used but at the top of the source code for the index it states Microsoft Office...not sure if that helps.

  8. Thomas,


    I know you are probably accustomed to people who know how to access their site to insert a back link but I don't have a clue.


    If you could tell me where to go or provide step-by-step specific instructions, I will complete the task at hand.

  9. I thought the domain mentioned was already listed, but I can not find it listed any of the pages.


    I´m sorry but the "under construction" page that you ask us to replace the sites content with, is something you will need to build and replace as the siteowner/designer. This is not something we can help you with.





    As this is my first day discovering this forum & having just become a TCH client, I am very new to some of the nuances.


    That said, following your instructions on being added to the family I have done the following:


    My domain: Visit My Website


    Name of site: Prime Network International


    Brief Description of Site: Healthcare technology focused on payments


    Type of Site: Commercial


    I hope this is all the information you need to add me to the Family Pages.


    As well, if you could take the site down as you originally stated, I would greatly appreciate your timely response.



  10. How do I take down my site & replace it with a "Under Construction" page?


    Thanks for the reply Thomas...


    My site's name is primenetworkinternational.com


    If you could confirm via email that it has been taken down & replaced with a "Under Construction" page, I would greatly appreciate it.



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