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  1. thank you--- looks like this file might work---- pgpmail.php - PHP-based version of formmail script, using pgp to encrypt the posted values. author: Eric Sammons, Vansam Software, Inc. (www.vansam.com) Version: 0.1 if not i will keep looking along those lines
  2. can any one help me. I want to have a form on https://server#.totalchoicehosting.com then when some one submits it i want to go to my web sites email using gnupg. any thing would be fine--- such as a program,pre written script or just advice on where to insert a path or script. .asp would be best for me. AspEncrypt is a little to high price for me thanks
  3. hi thanks for your help,the way i got it to work was to make sure that index.htm is the first file on the list in the folder. my links only work when i have them in the folder-home ,not _public. h**p//illuminationlighting.net, thanks again
  4. well i made sure my index file was named index.htm.but i still get the parent dir. could it be that i deleted the www file 11 bytes in size. not the www folder that is still there.the www file can only be seen by ftp dummy and can not be downloaded. smart ftp and the cpanel don't see it. IF this is the problem does anyone know how i can get the www file back where it should be thanks
  5. yes I to want to bypass the parent directry when i open my web site without typing in /_public. i know it is easy for you but we all learn little by little thanks
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