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  1. Thanks. I believe the folks at ifolios are going to do the reinstall, but I'll keep the info available if I need it.
  2. Hi. I had a mobile version of website, and I believe at some point I did something dumb and now it doesn't work right. Long story short, I'm trying to reinstall wordpress, and as the company that created the site did it as part of their package the first time, some of this is new to me. I need to fill in the database connection details for the wp-config-php file, and I don't know where to find this info. Some of it is obvious. . .the database they created the first time is still there, so that's a given. Here are the details I need to fill out: -name of database for wordpress -my sql database username -my sql database password -mysql hostname I am totally unfamiliar with this stuff so it's like fumbling in the dark hoping to find the lightswitch. Help is appreciated, thanks.
  3. I'm so sorry, as often happens, I messed around with it right after I posted this and found the answer. I didn't do what you suggested, but I did switch something or other from SFTP to FTP and that did the trick. I suppose you can erase this thread. Though it will be gone from the forum it will still be with us in our hearts.
  4. Ok, I see it's a cyberduck issue. I have fetch as well, and tried to do it with that program and it works (I liked the synchronize feature in CD which is why I switched). So apparently cyberduck has switched my bookmarked site on there to SFTP (denoted by a lock next to the icon) and I think this has something do with it. . .anyone know how to switch it off? I realize now I'm completely asking in the wrong place but since I've already made the initial post I might as well follow through. Thanks.
  5. Hi. Not sure if this is the right sub forum for this, or even if it's a Total Choice issue vs. a Cyberduck issue, but here's my problem: I'm on a Mac with the Leopard OS, and I've been using Cyberduck to upload/sync my iweb-created website. Always worked fine until recently. Last time I tried to make a change to the site and upload it, the display on cyberduck simply sat there, eventually telling me "upload failed". Tried to download something just to see if the problem was in both directions, and it is. I can log in to my server through cyberduck, and I can browse folders, etc., but I can't upload or download anything. Before this happened I got a message from the Mac OS saying "cyberduck wants to put a password on your keychain" (Or something to that effect), I thought that was a little weird since that info's been stored for a while and I just have to click to log in. So, I'm wondering if a recent OS update (not update as in OS 10.x to 10.x), but simply downloading some of the OS-related software updates (QT, etc.) that occasionally come along, is to blame, and I need to change a setting somewhere in the Cpanel or somewhere else related to Total Choice, or if it's a Cyberduck issue. I'm going to ask on their support forum too, but if you can provide any insight that'd be great. My problem is, I'm not sure where the problem is. Thanks.
  6. You are right. . .I guess I was thinking there could only be one "index" and that would be the main page of joshbass.com. But you're saying it's one index per directory. I will try this. I'll have to rename it every time I update/upload from iweb, as, in iweb I already have an index, the home page for joshbass.com.
  7. Hi. Okay, so I got it working, sort of. when I type: videoproduction.joshbass.com, I get, instead of the videoproduction.html page I created, taken to "index of", and then listed vertically: cgi bin, videoproduction.html, and videoproduction_files. Is there a way to get typing in/clicking a link to videoproduction.joshbass.com to take me to videoproduction.html instead of this directory structure? Thanks. Okay wait. . .I think I figured it out. So I went in to redirects and told videoproduction.joshbass.com to redirect to videoproduction.joshbass.com/videoproduction.html. It seems to work. . .entering videoproduction.joshbass.com takes me to that videoproduction.html page now, but is this the best way?
  8. Great. I will get up in this and come back if I have problems.
  9. Thanks guys. I make my site in Iweb, and then upload via cyberduck. So when I publish the site, it publishes to a folder on my computer. Would I then go into this folder, (subdomain will probably be video or videoproduction.joshbass.com) and upload the page (whatever.html) as well as its contents (usually in a folder called, for instance, "video files," if the page name is video) to that subdomain folder inside public html? Is that how it works?
  10. Or let me put it another way. . .can someone point me to a step-by-step guide to setting up a subdomain? Thanks.
  11. I'm intrigued by this subdomain thing. . .how does it work? My site is actually joshbass.com. I use seaofbass as an example.
  12. Having had a website for several years, I should probably know this conclusively, but I don't, so, I would like to know if, without paying for another domain name, it's possible to have another web address that routes to a different place. Specifically, I have a website that hosts my short films, showcases some of my professional videography work, and has some of the music I've written and recorded. I was thinking it might be nice to just have a page for the videography stuff, that in no way connects to the short films or the music. I was wondering if I could have "seaofbassvideography.com" or something and have it route to a page of my site that's unconnected. My simplest idea was to create a page (I make the site in Iweb and upload it) that doesn't have links to the other pages, that you could only get to by me providing the link, but that wouldn't be perfect as it would still have the base domain name in it, and of course you wouldn't be able to find it unless I gave it to you.
  13. OK gang, I don't know how I did this, but apparently I had two index.html files. One inside the [domain name] folder, and the other inside the site folder. I trashed the whole folder republished, uploaded the index.html from within the site folder, and now it seems to work fine. I'm just wondering, does the stuff that goes live HAVE to be in the public HTML root directory, or can it be inside a folder inside public html? By default, Iweb creates a folder called "site" that it puts all the site content (htmls, files) inside, so I have to upload the site folder to public html, putting all the site content inside public_html/Site/. Will that work too? Or should it be organized like public_html/(site content)? Anyway, thanks for all your help.
  14. Ok, I did rename my homepage. So this is weird. . . The entire site, according to cpanel, is the public html folder, but I get "404" errors when I type in the name. I just cleared my cache, so apparently this is how it really is right now. the way it works when I publish from I web is creates a folder called [domain name], with a folder inside called "site", and then inside that are all the files for the site (the .htmls, the video files, pics, etc.). When I FTP, I upload the [domain name] folder to public html, and that should be it, right? That's how it worked with the old host, at least. Maybe it's different now?
  15. I build the site with Iweb, upload via Fetch. So I need to reupload, then? When I enter my site name in a browser, I get an ugly directory tree (cgi bin, parent directory, private, etc.). Does that mean it's ready to roll if I just reupload, or has all the domain/dns transfer stuff still not resolved?
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