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  1. "The help desk is the way to go with these kind of issues"


    And I stand by what I said - opening a ticket only generates vague responses and excessive back and forthness. I've had enough issues through the years that I seriously do not beleive there is any accountability in the way issues are handled. Hence the reason asking for an open response from them. I'm in no hurry and can wait. The invoice is paid. Thanks for your reply.

  2. I am just returning from being out of country for over a week and am finding late notices in my email from TCH.


    The 1st notification is dated 3/4/2016 and says:


    Dear Dxx Hxxxx,

    This is a billing notice that your invoice no. xxxxx which was generated on 02/23/2016 is now overdue.


    The 2nd notice dated 3/6/2016 says:


    Dear Dxx Hxxxx,

    This is the second billing notice that your invoice no. xxxxx which was generated on 02/23/2016 is now overdue.


    I am confused because I never received any notification that an invoice was due. And I have searched every email in every email box that I have and there is not 1 heads up that my billing is coming up either. The most recent email from TCH prior to the late notices is dated 2/6/2016 with a subject of "Virus and Spam Protection now available!"


    Can somebody from TCH please advise here in an open discussion area where the problem might be? Opening a trouble ticket only generates a vague response that usually requires excessive back and forthness. Please give it to me straight - here.



    A long time customer




  3. I had noticed early this morning that both my smf discussion board and web albums didn't fully migrate over to the new server and contacted the support team. Team member Tina was on it quicker than lightning and had everything fixed within a matter of minutes and I just want to say thank you to her and to everyone who supports this excellent company. Your work behind the scenes is appreciated.


    Another feature that I see added to CPanel is the R1Soft Backup in which a search on the forum gave me additional information about. Thank you TCH for providing this feature and for your continued dedication of providing exceptional customer service.



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