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  1. Now we can open both site and totalchoice pages. I talk with other people and toady this happen also with some other few sites (users based in Italy). A network failure? Anyway now everything is OK, even if I would appreciate any comments from somebody more informed than me on network operation
  2. Hi, I know this is not the helpdesk, however part of the problem is that I can not access the helpdesk page. Actually I was informed that our site (hosted on Tigers) apparently can not be accessed (no error message, only message that address was not configured for web or something like this). I checked my personal email (not hosted on TCH) were I should receive any comunication from TCH and found nothing, so decided to open a ticket and I found that I can not open any page (contact, helpdesk, etc) of www.totalchoicehosting while, for instance, I could open this forum page (that has a different address) and any other sites. Any suggestion from other users? Thank you Stefano
  3. stefano55

    Events Of 5/27/2012

    While our site is online and apparently without problem we still can not access cpanel. Is it "normal" (i.e. you are still working on and this is a problem common to many sites) or should we update our ticket? Our site is on Arlington
  4. stefano55

    Events Of 5/27/2012

    Our site, on Arlington server, is back online, however we cannot access cpanel. System do not recognize username and psw