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  1. On a side note, the policies for managing the quota are pretty draconian-- today one of my users was sent a large email, which put the domain at 1 MB over quota. As a result, all email accounts on the whole domain stopped working and bounced all emails for the whole day until I figured what had happened (even now, email throughout the domain is read-only for some reason). This wasn't the case earlier-- not fun to have missed some important messages I was supposed to receive today.
  2. Bandwidth is fine for the moment-- I think around 5 GB space would be comfortable (so only the big stuff would have to be hosted externally). I had looked at the upgrades- storage space is very expensive, at 100MB for $1.75/month (the 1GB for $2.50 upgrade is for bandwidth), which makes little sense. The only way to get 5GB space seems to be the Platinum plan, which is an additional $270/year ($323).
  3. Hi everyone, Been with TCH for many years now- I have a Silver Plan for one of my main sites, which gives 2.4 GB of space. We continually hit up against that, and the other plans don't offer much more without significantly increasing cost. Even the Platinum ($25/mo) only has 6 GB. The limited storage mean we need to host content (images and such) at some of my other domains (at other hosts providing much more space), which is a difficult setup to maintain. TCH's plans don't seem to have changed in a long time, and while I expect to pay some premium for TCH service, we can't pay 1
  4. Hi everyone, I need to set up the EPrints software (http://www.eprints.org) on my site -- basically it's a pretty solid, free digital repository system. The issue is that it's all in Perl, and I haven't really worked with Perl before, so I'm not sure how to go about installing it on my account. They have an install docs wiki (http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Documentation), but I didn't quite understand how I could run the installation and config scripts without having command line access to the server? So could someone help me out with this? Thanks
  5. Ok well if that's the case, I'll put in a Help Desk ticket. The timing doesn't really matter as long as it's within the past day or so -- I just need a file backup of some kind, which I currently can't get. Ok, but the other factor to consider (from my perspective) is that the 1000MB deluxe plan is nearly double ($98/yr vs. $55/yr) what I'm paying for 850MB, and the 1250MB plan is three times the cost ($164/yr vs. $55/yr).
  6. The issue is that the backup file is not being stored locally on the server -- it is being directly downloaded, and the only thing that's happening on the server is the creation of the temp file, which I assume is deleted once the job is done. I could understand what you're saying for something like a full backup or other job that results in a file being created in the user's space, but this is simply a temp file. When I click download home dir backup, the download starts immediately and generates the file on the fly (it's not even as if it created a file, stored it in my space and then s
  7. I have a similar issue - with outgoing SMTP though. I can receive incoming emails by POP3, but outgoing doesn't work:
  8. Wow, that is quite disconcerting -- as it means that if one actually uses the space in the account, it cannot be backed up. I would assume that the backup process, since it is not related to the actual space being hosted, would be run in memory -- a temp file somewhere on the server -- until the process is done. I don't see how it's logical to limit any backup jobs to working within the account space. There should at least be a way for the backup operation to run beyond the allocated file space until it's done. I've done a full backup before (saving to the home dir), and the file at
  9. Yeah it's a tar.gz file. I thought of doing a local backup on the server and then downloading it by FTP -- only issue is that I only have like 70MB free space on the account, so it wouldn't fit (until I upgrade the account in a bit). I also through of setting up a machine at home with an FTP server and do a full backup directly to it, but would I be able to access the files through it -- in other words, is it something like the home backup? I have a lot of JPEGs -- at least a few hundred MB (as this was/is a cars/tech news site).
  10. I'm trying to download a home directory backup from CPanel, but the file I get only contains some directories, and WinRAR gives me an 'unexpected end of archive' error. The file size also varies if I try downloading it again, but it's usually ~79 or 115MB. I have about 800MB of files online in total. So how can I get a full home dir backup that works?
  11. Well the reason I'm not using POP3 on my desktop (Outlook) or PDA is that I can't do anything but read the inbox and send mail - I can't access my folders - saved, sent mail, etc. Through Neomail I was able to do that with a simple interface. Now I'm stuck using Horde through Mini Mozilla, which takes at least 5x the time it took me to do stuff w/ Neomail/IE. Plus the frames minimize actual viewing area for emails. Bandwidth's not a concern really - I'm on unlimited BW from T-Mobile.
  12. I'm always on the go nowadays, and I've been using my PDA phone (Windows Mobile 2003) to access my email by webmail. Horde does't work on Pocket IE, and even if it did, the UI is way too complex for easy emailing on a PDA (and with the masses of Login Failed errors, it'd be seriously annoying to use). So I've been using Neomail -- loads instantly, and clean, simple interface for reading and sending emails. I know Neomail links in Cpanel were taken down a while ago, but I've had a redirect set up for a few years now that I just use for the PDA now (Horde on PC). But a few days ago, that
  13. Nice Any chance of shared Windows hosting (e.g. for a small ASP.NET site)?
  14. Ok - as long as it only affects forwarding and not anything else, it's fine for me . On the other hand, emailing between my TCH account (on server 23) and AOL has been a problem in any case, over the past year or so. In most cases, I don't receive any emails sent from AOL accounts, and in the extremely rare occasion that they do arrive, they arrive _very_ late (many hours or even days later). Outgoing emails from TCH to AOL accounts seem fine though.
  15. Well, for the second time this year, my site (techautos.com) was hacked on June 8 using what seems like some kind of SQL Insertion bug in PHP-Nuke. The issue is that when you go to any page, the correct page title shows up, but nothing else. I checked the authors table with phpMyAdmin and sure enough, there was an unwanted, new entry. Here's the information I have on the script kiddies who did this: Collected from other sites these guys have compromised: So anyway, I deleted the extra entry from the authors table. However, the site itself is, of course, not working. S
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