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  1. Good morning everyone.


    I am setting up a Wordpress site for our Cub Scout Pack. Packs are broken into five dens. I would like a main blog for the Pack, and then 5 sub blogs where the Den leaders can post their stuff, but not have it show up on the Pack page.


    Do I have to install six instances of WordPress and then link to the Den pages from the main page? Or is there a way to have the Den pages be nested under the Pack page?


    Also, can anyone suggest a Picture Album plug-in? Where you can upload pictures and have them displayed automatically on a page?


    Thanks for your help!



  2. You will also need to enter the password for the database user, and make sure that you assigned (via cpanel) the user to the database, and that you gave the user the appropriate level of permissions (for wordpress, give the user all permissions).



    Bob... You are... WONDERFUL! :)


    Some how I missed the step of assigning the username to the database! Doh!


    It is all working now. I just logged into it!


    Thank you thank you! :clapping:

  3. If you are on a shared server, I think that there is something that goes after the IP addy to identify your account. I would suggest that you check your welcome email for the exact url.


    Also, make sure that the nameserver definitions in your domain registry accout are set to the appropriate nameservers that are specified in the welcome email.



    Smart man! :) Instead of using the IP address that was provided, I used the servername.tchmachines.com/username address... I got the the install page now... But it says:


    We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the USERNAME_romesg database.


    Are you sure it exists?

    Does the user USERNAME_Uname have permission to use the USERNAME_romesg database?

    On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_username_romesg. Could that be the problem?


    I double checked the database spelling and such... Everything is correct...


    Related to DNS?

  4. Good day everyone!


    I have recently registered a domain and started a hosting plan for a little astronomy blog.


    I am trying to get the initial set up complete. I have followed the steps in the TCH guide. And uploaded all the files to the public directory. But I am stuck trying to install it. The Domain is romesg.com.


    Right now the DNS is not complete, so I have to get to it by the IP address.


    However, all I am getting is a 404 Page cannot be displayed.


    Do I have to wait for the DNS to complete?


    Any help would be wonderful!



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