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  1. Hi Andy, Ok I have created the database and uploaded the html-php, and the code is working fine. Now I am making changes and adding new info to the database on my local computer. I have uploaded the changes to the code, with no problem, but.. I can't find where the data files are located on my TCH site to upload the changes/additions to the data. How is that accomplished? Pc-beachbum
  2. I have MySQL w?PHP and APache server on my local computer. I have constructed a database that I wish to upload and run the HTML/PHP that I have created. Question 1. DO I first need to create a database with the same name on my TCH site? Question 2. DO I just use normal FTP to upload my DATA & Database tables, if so where do I put them? Question 3. The remote MYSQL access in cpanel, is that to be used with my local mysql administrator panel to control the database on TCH? if so what would my settings be? THanks
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