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  1. I have been a user of Totalchoice hosting for over four years now and have been very satisfied with the facilities and service until the past couple of months when my experience has been less than satisfactory. Let me explain. I have four shared server environments. One of them established over four years ago and progressively upgraded and with that server I have had few issues. I have recently established two shared server environments and on both occasions tried to install a Drupal script provided by DoubleMThemes. This script has installed without problem in an environment that was provisioned maybe a year or more ago. However in the two new environments it fails. On the first occasion about a month ago it took your support staff some days to install this script and stated that the issue was caused by a MySQL setting that needed to be changed. What that setting was is unknown to me. I have just in the last couple of days established a new environment and attempted to install the same script. First up it failed with an Internal Server Error which was corrected. It then failed in the same way as before where the database creation phase fails to create all of the required tables and then a subsequent phase fails as a result. If I return to a clean state the Internal Server Error recurs. Even if I install a vanilla Drupal 7.14 site using Fantastico it fails with an Internal Server Error when I visit the Drupal install. How come this script runs in one server environment, failed in the second environment but was subsequently installed in that environment by your staff and now fails with precisely the same symptoms in the third environment. How do I get these issues resolved permanently? If I have to go through these hoops everytime in need to get a new environment up and running I will need to find another provider. I must say that I am extremely disappointed at the moment and have no easy way of getting technical support that is able to resolve the issue.
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