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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply. If I forward that mail it just shows incoming not outgoing/sent mail correct? I was trying to view all outgoing sent mail from that address. Question about forwarding to another address on the same domain; is it visible to anyone that the mail is being forwarded? Like the senders of the email? Or is it only visible to people with access to the cpanel? Thank you, T
  2. Hi Bala, It looks like what you suggested needs to be done on outlook. As I mentioned above I do not have access to this laptop as the person is out of town. Do you know of a way to insure that the sent messages from a particular address be saved on the webmail without having access to outlooks tools? Thanks, T
  3. Hi, I have a couple of email addresses that we access from outlook most of the time. I have one address where the sent messages, sent from outlook, are not saved on the webmail. I do not have access to the laptop that is sending messages from outlook as this person is out of town. My question, is there a way to insure that all sent messages from this address are saved in a folder accessible by webmail? I use horde to read my webmail. I would think there would be a way to see all the messages sent from this email address on the server or webmail side. Thank you in advanced. T
  4. Hi, Currently I have a web site built with sitespinner. I have a web form built with webformdesigner, that emails me the data submitted. I have to manually input all data into my customer database in excel. I have been doing some research on how to have the information automatically added to a database. I do not know how to write code, I need something programming free. I would really appreciate any help in making my web form and database more user friendly. I have looked at form processor pro and ultimate form mail any ideas? Thank you, Toni www.heavenlydogs.com
  5. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Can you please advice how do I "clean out the public_html folder"? Thank you for your help. Toni
  6. Hi, I just rebuilt my site using site spinner. When I am ready to publish it to the web do I need to empty a file or delete something to get rid of my old web site that I built using microsoft office before I publish the new site? Also I have a form and I need to know do you have a "mailto" script, and what the location of it is? Or maybe I should word it what do I enter as the path to the Form script in the 'URL (Action)' field? Thank you for your support, Toni www.heavenlydogs.com
  7. Hi, I am looking for some feed back one a web building program. I built my sites using Publisher Microsoft office 2000. I have upgraded to the Office 2007 and can no longer get my site to upload. I was looking at Nvu and also Site Spinner. Do you guys have any feed back or preference on these programs. I don't mind spending the $50.00 if site spinner is the better program for me with more support. I do have a registration form on my site so if one is better then the other for forms. Also I am up for other suggestions. I am running windows XP professional. I would not know how to write my own code. You can see my web site needs at www.heavenlydogs.com or www.heavenlychihuahuas.com. Thank you for your input and suggestions. Toni
  8. Thank you. I did check into nvu. I also checked into site spinner. I don't mind paying the $50 if it's a better program for me and I can get support. Site spinner says it has forms would I still need hotscripts? Thank you again for your help Toni
  9. Hi, I am new so I apologize if I did not post this in the right place. I have searched and can not find any answers. I was hoping you guys can help. Years ago I designed my web sites using Publisher Microsoft office 2000. I have a registration form on both my sites. I have had minor problems in the past but it always got resolved. I up graded to office 2007 and tried to make changes to my site and was unsuccessful. I went back to office 2000. Yesterday I made some minor changes and re-uploaded my site using smartftp like I always have. Now my registration form is not working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the front page extensions to no luck. I am lost I don't know what to do. I have read that the front page is being phased out. I don't know how publisher is tied into front page but since publisher is in MS new office 2007 I assume it is not being phased out. If I need to use a new program to build my site I'll do it. What ever works. I just want it to work. You can see my sites at www.heavenlydogs.com and www.heavenlychihuahuas.com to see my web site needs. I would not be able to build a site from scratch. If you know how Publisher works it pretty easy to design a site in. I would love some help and suggestions. A million Thank you! Toni
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