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  1. You get the welcome to Horde, then you click on login. Then you get the screen with the last login info across the top and the mailbox tree on the left. Directly under the last login info it says Login Failed.
  2. Online chat could not help, when I log into webmail I get a login failure but I see mail, why? see attached photo any ideas to a resolve?
  3. Ever since I have been around for several months now I never had any spam mail get past the servers. Now, recently I have been getting very obvious spam mail delivered as normal mail. My question is: in the webmail and spam assasin, do I inrease the number for more aggressive spam filtering or do lower. Sorry for asking such a dumb question could not get through to live chat, seems to be getting a little harder to do that also of late.
  4. The system that requires a validation or response by the sender was working for me on another host, but then they decided to ignore that setting and send all emails thru anyway. It works so long as the Host filters thru that setting first, then the spam settings.
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