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  1. You know, I actually was thinking last night that I should have munged it, and will do next time! Thanks for the welcome Kate
  2. I received your PM, and I'll respond in a minute. I've tried IMing on Yahoo and AIM but lately I've not been getting any response. Kate
  3. My first stop for figuring this out was the FAQ on the SMF website...then the forums. I've been told it's most likely an issue with my host - that'd be you guys. I can't really find a spot for "technical support" and everytime I try and click on "Live Help" it says they're offline, or the person comes and then leaves... When I installed SMF and Wordpress via my Cpanel, the themes and layouts look....not right. They are boxy, and lack the smooth image look they should have. When I Installed new themes for SMF, they were broken as well, boxy etc. I thought it must be a problem with cpanel dropping files so I uploaded every grueling file via my FTP client (cyberduck, running on Mac OS 10.5). That didn't help at all. Surprisingly. I won't post the link to my website here as it's geared towards adults 18+. There isn't anything explicit, but I'd rather not have it in the hands of minors. If *any* one can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I can and will give out the link to both the forum and the blog, but only via email or private message - krjames [at] mac.com. Oh and if this should have been filed somewhere else, sorry, but the forums are new and confusing to me! Thanks, Kate
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