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  1. Hello, My site and the cpanel for it doesn't work. >>>> http://www.rocknvswranch.com <<<<< I was editin' the site last evenin' late. I was checkin' my editin' and everything just quit. I thought I got knocked offline at first, but hadn't. After a little while, I came here and saw your post 'bout the reboot. It was 'bout that same time it quit( round midnight, my time, CDT). Never thought anything more of it 'til I tried to access my site and the cpanel this mornin'. Same as it was last night. Nothing but a white blank screen for my site and same for the cpanel entry. Would someone kindly check into it? My favicon.ico shows in the browser, but nothing else, just a white, blank screen. Thanks in advance!!
  2. A huge "Thank You" goes out to TCH-Kris!! You were very helpful!!
  3. I'm in the process of changin' passwoods, then I will. Thanks Thomas!!
  4. I have a couple of questions and hope this is the correct topic to post them. First off, in the past week or so, someone other than myself has had access to two different c-panels (my own site with TGH and one I manage for a friend that has their own site with TCH). I was editing on the index.html pages of both sites and noticed there were a whole bunch of "extra text" that I hadn't put there, at the very bottom of the page. It looked like links to some other sites for ads. On my site, I deleted all the text a few days ago. I deleted it on the client's index.html page today, as I just noticed it. I did copy it and saved it in an email to myself (wished I had saved it from my site)! Is this an indication someone may have hacked these two sites. This was a huge surprise to me when I found the "extra text" on the two sites, hosted by TCH. Also, I do believe there are some errors on the c-panel main pages of the two sites. I just noticed in the passed couple of days, right under the "disc space usage" area, it reads, "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]. I clicked on those words and a pinkish background with some kind of a code shows. To get the pinkish background with some kind of a code to go away, I have to click on "collapse stats". To see the error words, "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]" again, I have to refresh the main c-panel page. Would these errors messages be causing "those links with ads top appear" somehow, or am I just being naive? Need advice. My site is www.rocknvswranch.com. The other one, www.b-westerncollectables.com .
  5. Thanks for the information Dick! I appreciate your definitions of what they do. I saw those when havin' issues, but was sorta leary to click on any of them. Was afraid I might do something that would mess things up worse. Thanks to all of you for your help and advice!!
  6. Thanks so much for your response, OJB AND SteveW!! It looks like it was in the File Manager Settings. I must have accidently changed the settings preference, as the "Disable Character Encoding Verification Dialogs" was checked. Do not remember checking it, but that cleared it up. Now, it's like it was and I can edit with no problems. I'm still so new at this, but am learning. Thanks SO MUCH!!
  7. Hello, I am having a problem with editing and updating a site for someone who just recently purchased the deluxe hosting plan at TCH. I maintain their site for them (I recommended them to move here as I have a site hosted with TCH and I've been very happy with it). A couple of days ago, I logged in to their site and was going to update their site. I high-lighted the file I wanted to update as always and clicked on the Editor. An "information bar popped up. I clicked on the info bar and selected Settings. There, it says "Show Information Bar for Pop-Ups" is checked. Could I have accidently re-set something in the cpanel to cause this to happen? What is different since this happened is the pop-up message (guess that's what it's called); where you select which encoding you want, no longer shows up. When I click on the editor, it goes directly to the file I want to edit. Should the "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site" be checked? It won't allow me to edit anything as it keeps popping up the Information Bar and there's a small icon with a "blocked signage" is located at the bottom of my computer screen. Your help is appreciated in advance!!
  8. I really appreciate all of you that have replied to my posts. I did get into the cpanel, but all the files from the site were gone, so they must not have been able to transfer via the cpanel. So, I am reloading the files now to the new server here. Thanks so much guys for your help!!!
  9. Carl, I went to the site and got into the cpanel. The pages for the site should have been already there, since they were doing a cpanel transfer. It was suppose to be a domain transfer by cpanel. From what I see, the pages are not there. Since I got into the cpanel, I won't need to sumit a ticket for the "conformation code" authorization dilemma, but I was wondering if I should sumit one to find out if they did a cpanel transfer, since the site previously had the cpanel (believe it was the very same one as TCH has). I know the site owner mentioned in the comments section of the order form, that it had a cpanel and wanted to do a cpanel transfer. Sure hope I wont have to reload everything!! What's your thoughts?
  10. What would I put in the Password area, at help desk, so it'll go on through to them? That's my dilema mainly. We're waitin' for the email Conformation Code" and without it. Do you think it'll go on through to the help desk?
  11. Have a dilema. I was able to get through to the cpanel on the new site, by typin' in the user ID and the Password info from the Welcome Email. The propagation was not complete, so thought I'd check it later. A few hours later, I did just that. I typed the ID and Password info like before. I must have entered the Password incorrectly as it wanted me to re-enter the Password. I did. After a few trys and nothin', it automaticly took me to where you re-set the Password. Then, it said something like this, "A confirmation email has been sent to the email address on file. To continue, enter the confirmation code in the email, or click the link in the email." Ok, I waited to hear from the site owner. After not hearin' anything, I called and asked if he had received an email with the "confirmation code" I needed to access the new site cpanel. He looked all through his email client and spam folder. No conformation code was there in his email, and it's the email they have on file. It's been close to 7 or 8 hours and still no conformation code in his email. He just re-checked his email again and the spam folder, to be sure. I tried sendin' a help ticket, but it wouldn't go through to them without a passward typed in the space for it. Seems likes there's a way to get through to them without the password, but I've forotten what the procedure is. I cannot get to the cpanel to edit or fix anything that needes fixin', since it is waitin' on a "conformation code" authorization. What would you suggest we do now? By the way, a little earlier today, the site was up, but now, this is what shows up: Index of / cgi-bin/ favicon.ico robots.txt Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at www.b-westerncollectables.com Port 80 The site is http://www.b-westerncollectables.com. We sure could use your advice and help. Many Thanks!!
  12. Thanks Tomas for the quick response! Thought so, but just wanted it re-verified.
  13. Hello, I maintain a website for someone that wants to move it to TCH. It has the cpanel, so it should be an easy transfer. The owner would order and pay for the hosting package they need, and the domain registration transfer. The owner would be responsible for the billing and I would be the webmaster (maintaining the site for them). Would like to know what is the most simplified way of getting this accomplished? I know in the 'welcome letter" one receives through email, it has all of the site information that is needed to access the site and cpanel. Once it is ordered and processed, and the DNS are directed to TCH's name servers and etc, would I then have access to the cpanel (if I have the necessary info for login and password) and work on the new site while propagation is still going on? Thanks in advance! I have a personal website hosted by TCH and could not be happier I made the move almost two years ago.
  14. HOORAY!! I have to give credit where credit is due. Thomas, Carl, Dick and Terri; you four have bent over backwords to offer your assistance in the past 30 hours. Thanks so very much!! Thomas - Carl - Dick - Terri
  15. Thanks Thomas! I did go through Help Desk. I sumitted it, but never got a prompt lettin' me know it was sent. If it did go through, they may have two tickets from me. Should I send a ticket to billing to try and update the CC dilemma?
  16. I'm havin' similar issues that are so frustratin'. Got a new computer and all the old info is lost for my c-panel and web account. Luckily I did get on my account update info by using the "send password to registered email address used with your account". I believe I tried to re-set the password. It said, a conformation was bein' sent to the registered email address associated with your account. Nothing has arrived as yet, so I'm wonderin' if it was sent to the old email addy, before I updated the email on my account. Then, I realized I needed to update the CC info in billing [former CC no longer works]. I had everything typed in and it asked for my password on the bottom line. I pasted the password that billing sent me. It came back saying the password didn't work. I've received an email from TCH billing saying, the CC was declined. Minutes before, that's what I was trying to do. I was trying to update, to a different card. Is there different passwords to your account, Help Desk and Billing? Everytime I tried to log in to those different areas, it said my password was wrong. I'm left not knowin' what to do next. I don't want my account or website disrupted. I tried sendin' this through Help Desk, but no such luck. Can someone please help?
  17. In the "CGI Center" of our cPanel, there are CGI Scripts and says they are pre-installed and ready to use. Has anyone ever used the "Advanced Guest Book" on their website or know how hard/easy it is put on your site? I'm new at this and any help or suggestions would sure be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. I'd like to submit my website www.rocknvswranch.com for "The Family Pages". The website is Rockn' V Southwestern Ranchâ„¢. We're a Christian ranch that honors God, Family, and Country and the Cowgirl/Cowboy Way! Read all 'bout us. Visit with our kids and grandkids. We have Gardening Tips and Recipes. Checkout out "Our Dixie Stampede Family". Visit our Patriotic Page. Travel with us "On the Road". I've included special pages honorin' Roy Rogers, *King of the Cowboys* and Dale Evans, *Queen of the West* & their Legacy. Their museum is near us in Branson, MO. Visit with Mr. Tex and Ms Shirley. Check out the Western Events, Western Gatherings & Western Festivals we have listed. Visit our Links Page. They're a great source of infomation! Rockn' V Southwestern Ranch is our own personal ranch website. I have the required link-back to OurChoice Hosting located towards the bottom of our "Home Page". Mosey on in and stay awhile!! May the Good Lord take alikin' to y'all. HAPPY TRAILS!!"
  19. Samrc: You've been a inspiration! I probably wouldn't have stepped out of my comfort zone, if I hadn't have found your sites. Many Thanks!! I'm havin' a blast workin' on my site!!
  20. I'm a new TCH Family Member, but have been a member of the forum, for a little while. I've been readin' and tryin' to learn all I can. I had contacted support through a ticket and Alex helped me greatly as they transferred my site from the old host. Everyone has been super, from day one and the verification call!! I was havin' some trouble gettin' started and Tom stepped right up to the plate and helped me out through Live Support. I'm online now with TCH and I can not be happier! I've still got a ways to go, to get it all up and runnin', but will take it one-day-at-a-time. I thought the c-panel would be a pain, but it's not been as hard as I thought it would be. Thanks so much for your hands on approach!! This forum has been a God-sent and very educational for a grandma who hadn't gone to school in a long while!! Thank you Tom,!! Your assisistance was very much appreciated!! , And, I can't forget Alex!!
  21. I voted for #1. Both designs are nice, but I agree with the majority. The first one has a clean and more of a professional look to it. #2 's ribbon banner is a little too big. I personally like the shield's shape, as it does have the look of the earlier days of road signs. Since it is 'bout "motor city", it fits right in! Here is a few thoughts!! You might use the ribbon banner from #2 and scale it down smaller to an appropriate size and place it where #1's black banner is. Maybe have #1's banner in white with black letterin' and border (unsure of this one as it could be too much white). Might try havin' the banner with the same yellowish color with the letterin' and border in black! Which ever one is chosen for this new company, it'll look spiffy!!
  22. Hello Thomas and Bruce: I hadn't forgotten you. Thanks for the welcome!! Sorry for the delay in replyin' back to your posts. I've been extremely busy! I also have been lookin' at web design software to help design my websites I want to transfer to TCH. I think I need to re-phrase my initial post somewhat. I do have two websites that do have the c-panel. My websites were actually built with the host website builder before the host added the c-panel to the hosting plans. My email accounts are there, along with other files and etc. So, I was wonderin' really what would be the best; (1) to transfer the domain websites by the c-panel, or, (2) start fresh by transferin' my domain websites to TCH? Does that make any since, or did I confuse you more. I do know the host should allow me to transfer the sites. I bought the domain names from the host and they are the name servers. From what I understand, if I did a "domain transfer" instead of through the c-panel, I'd have to contact them, and then they would have to contact the registrar to have them unlock the status so I could get it pointed towards TCH servers. Is that basically correct?
  23. I also want to join the others in conveyin' my deepest sympathy to "Don's Personal Family". I do want to extend my condolences to the TCH Family, which Don was a part of. I can surely tell by the posted comments Don was one special guy, and he was thought of highly by so many!! When I joined this forum yesterday, I saw the banners displayin' "In Memory Of" and thought to myself, what a great bunch of folks that still honored him in this way. God Bless All of You who were fortunate enough to have known him and called him friend. His pleasant face told so much about him!!
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