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    I live on 20 acres of beautiful woodlands and nature along with my bestest friend, my husband, Buffalo Jim. God must have had us in mind, when he created this here land! We love the wonderful view of nature that we have here.
    We're both retired from workin' in the city and enjoy rural livin'. We enjoy the cowboy way of life, even though we don't own any horses or cattle. We attend western events and festivals as much as the Good Lord allows. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are still my heros, even though they both have passed this world and entered their heavenly home.
    Buffalo Jim and I do have some critters that are our "furry family members". We have, 4 indoor cats and a 15 year old chihuahua, named Felina Marie. She's as much as one of our kids as a real child. She loves to go anywhere with us and she's become quite the "little cowgirl doggie" and has mingled with many western stars from the older movies and television shows.
    Buffalo Jim and I work outside whenever the weather allows us to. We love to work in our flower gardens and try to have a vegetable garden each year. We'd rather be outdoors, except when the northern winds are howlin' and when the snow starts formin' ice-cycles.
    In the colder months I like to crochet or knit.
    As you might guess, I do get on the computer now n' then. Well, let me be honest. I'm on it alot!!
    I also collect salt n' pepper shakers. My cabinet is plum full and the rest are flowin' into any space there is room to display them.
    'm a simple lady who tries to have fun, no matter what I do. I'm just glad the Lord decided to send me a Guardian Angel in Buffalo Jim, to love and watch over me. For that, I'll always be thankful!!
    Y'all have a wonderful day!!

    Happy Trails,
    ~Buffalo Gal~
  1. Hello, My site and the cpanel for it doesn't work. >>>> http://www.rocknvswranch.com <<<<< I was editin' the site last evenin' late. I was checkin' my editin' and everything just quit. I thought I got knocked offline at first, but hadn't. After a little while, I came here and saw your post 'bout the reboot. It was 'bout that same time it quit( round midnight, my time, CDT). Never thought anything more of it 'til I tried to access my site and the cpanel this mornin'. Same as it was last night. Nothing but a white blank screen for my site and same for the cpanel
  2. A huge "Thank You" goes out to TCH-Kris!! You were very helpful!!
  3. I'm in the process of changin' passwoods, then I will. Thanks Thomas!!
  4. I have a couple of questions and hope this is the correct topic to post them. First off, in the past week or so, someone other than myself has had access to two different c-panels (my own site with TGH and one I manage for a friend that has their own site with TCH). I was editing on the index.html pages of both sites and noticed there were a whole bunch of "extra text" that I hadn't put there, at the very bottom of the page. It looked like links to some other sites for ads. On my site, I deleted all the text a few days ago. I deleted it on the client's index.html page today, as I just noticed
  5. Thanks for the information Dick! I appreciate your definitions of what they do. I saw those when havin' issues, but was sorta leary to click on any of them. Was afraid I might do something that would mess things up worse. Thanks to all of you for your help and advice!!
  6. Thanks so much for your response, OJB AND SteveW!! It looks like it was in the File Manager Settings. I must have accidently changed the settings preference, as the "Disable Character Encoding Verification Dialogs" was checked. Do not remember checking it, but that cleared it up. Now, it's like it was and I can edit with no problems. I'm still so new at this, but am learning. Thanks SO MUCH!!
  7. Hello, I am having a problem with editing and updating a site for someone who just recently purchased the deluxe hosting plan at TCH. I maintain their site for them (I recommended them to move here as I have a site hosted with TCH and I've been very happy with it). A couple of days ago, I logged in to their site and was going to update their site. I high-lighted the file I wanted to update as always and clicked on the Editor. An "information bar popped up. I clicked on the info bar and selected Settings. There, it says "Show Information Bar for Pop-Ups" is checked. Could I have accidently
  8. I really appreciate all of you that have replied to my posts. I did get into the cpanel, but all the files from the site were gone, so they must not have been able to transfer via the cpanel. So, I am reloading the files now to the new server here. Thanks so much guys for your help!!!
  9. Carl, I went to the site and got into the cpanel. The pages for the site should have been already there, since they were doing a cpanel transfer. It was suppose to be a domain transfer by cpanel. From what I see, the pages are not there. Since I got into the cpanel, I won't need to sumit a ticket for the "conformation code" authorization dilemma, but I was wondering if I should sumit one to find out if they did a cpanel transfer, since the site previously had the cpanel (believe it was the very same one as TCH has). I know the site owner mentioned in the comments section of the order form, th
  10. What would I put in the Password area, at help desk, so it'll go on through to them? That's my dilema mainly. We're waitin' for the email Conformation Code" and without it. Do you think it'll go on through to the help desk?
  11. Have a dilema. I was able to get through to the cpanel on the new site, by typin' in the user ID and the Password info from the Welcome Email. The propagation was not complete, so thought I'd check it later. A few hours later, I did just that. I typed the ID and Password info like before. I must have entered the Password incorrectly as it wanted me to re-enter the Password. I did. After a few trys and nothin', it automaticly took me to where you re-set the Password. Then, it said something like this, "A confirmation email has been sent to the email address on file. To continue, enter the confi
  12. Thanks Tomas for the quick response! Thought so, but just wanted it re-verified.
  13. Hello, I maintain a website for someone that wants to move it to TCH. It has the cpanel, so it should be an easy transfer. The owner would order and pay for the hosting package they need, and the domain registration transfer. The owner would be responsible for the billing and I would be the webmaster (maintaining the site for them). Would like to know what is the most simplified way of getting this accomplished? I know in the 'welcome letter" one receives through email, it has all of the site information that is needed to access the site and cpanel. Once it is ordered and processed
  14. HOORAY!! I have to give credit where credit is due. Thomas, Carl, Dick and Terri; you four have bent over backwords to offer your assistance in the past 30 hours. Thanks so very much!! Thomas - Carl - Dick - Terri
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