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  1. I'll just use a temporary log file and worry about the mail problem later. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas ....
  2. I followed the simple example from http://w3schools.com/php/func_mail_mail.asp hard-coding the recipient, subject and body as I know all of this is going to be junked once the basics are working. Perhaps if I sleep on it I'll figure it out in the morning!
  3. I'm trying to set up some automation for incoming emails from Amazon and Green Metropolis. The ultimate aim is to have any orders from one venue remove the item from sale at the others. First, though, I need to get to grips with the basics. I have a testing email address which is very creatively called testing@swiftbooks.co.uk I have a filter to pipe incoming email on that address to a simple PHP script called mailproc.php All mailproc does (at the moment) is send an email so I know it has run. This is the script: The script executes and I get the expected "Woohoo!" email on dday@swiftbooks.co.uk but I also get a permanent failure email: Nothing I've tried seems to eliminate the failure message. If I change the subject (which stops mailproc running) I don't get the failure message so whatever is wrong is in that area. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Once I get that sorted out I can move on a bit further.
  4. He'll do well. The geeks shall inherit the Earth.
  5. I read what he posted before it was hidden. It was, pretty much, incomprehensible drivel. IMHO there's unlikely to be a complaint to the Attorney General. He's just throwing a tantrum because he can't get his way. If there is a complaint along similar lines to the one he posted TCH has nothing to worry about. Under the circumstances I wouldn't blame TCH if the contests were stopped. Realistically I don't think any of us are here just for those. TCH provides so much real value in hosting and the forums that I think the contests are a very generous helping of icing on the cake. I haven't been around long enough to participate in any of them but I'm sure they're great fun so I hope they can continue - whether I win or not! It would be a shame to let one spoiled brat ruin everyone else's fun.
  6. Me too! I might even bring forward my plan for world domination (well - Bookselling-on-the-Internet domination, anyway). As for this problem with prizes - I see three options: 1 - Non-negotiable. Take it or leave it. The easiest option. 2 - 1st place selects from the available 3 prizes. 2nd place selects from the remaining 2 prizes. 3rd place gets the prize that's left. Adds work in sorting out the allocation of prizes, but also adds attraction to the competition by adding choice, and a further element of tension for 2nd and 3rd place because they'll have to wait to find out what they're getting. Am I evil? 3 - Ask all entrants to prioritise their preferences. 1st place gets his/her 1 choice, 2nd place gets the more preferred prize that's still available, 3rd place gets whatever is left. Easy as long as entrants remember to list their preferences. Personally, if I'd won the server I'd have found some way to auction or raffle it for charity on my web site. The publicity from something like that would be invaluable and wouldn't cost me 1c other than a little work setting up the event.
  7. If he didn't want the prize why didn't he just give it some deserving charity? I'm sure there's plenty out there who are big enough to be able to put the server to good use but have more important priorities. I'll start by nominating the SBBF (Swift Books Benevolent Fund).
  8. Many thanks - problem solved by renaming the folder containing the newly implemented system, letting cPanel do all the subdomain and root folder creation, then copying the newly implemented system into the root folder created by cPanel. I'm still convinced the new version of cPanel is creating the subdomain's root folder under /home/-username- whereas the previous version was defaulting to /home/-username-/public_html. However, as the subdomain is now working as I want it's not a problem. In fact, I prefer it as it causes less confusion about which folders belong to which systems!
  9. I did that in the real subdomain, but when I tried to install the system it complained that the directory already existed - so I had to delete it. I guess I probably deleted the subdomain in cPanel as well. I've now renamed my subdomain root, deleted and recreated the subdomain and copied the system from the renamed root into the root created by cPanel. It seems to work. Is it my imagination or is the new cPanel putting subdomain root directories in a different place compared to the previous version?
  10. I'm setting up a subdomain for private use. I've managed to stop robots (hopefully) but have a question about the URL and the way it shows up in browsers. I've set up a test subdomain called - believe it or not - test. If I access that subdomain as test.swiftbooks.co.uk the URL in the browser is showing up as www.swiftbooks.co.uk/test I'd prefer it to show up as test.swiftbooks.co.uk How do I achieve that? Or am I just being too pedantic?
  11. Not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes. My Windows XP Home PC is connected to the Internet, via another Windows XP Home PC, using Internet Connection Sharing. I'm installing a web cam, on my PC. It'll be an addition to the web site, either as a customer service tool, or as something else interesting if I get it sorted out in time. I may have already run out of time with that plan, though. The problem I've got is how to get access to the web cam from 'the world'. I don't have a fixed IP address so I've tried using NO-IP to give me a domain name. I'm not really sure where that's leading. Is there something I need to set up on the PC that's doing the actual connection? Any tints and hips, anyone?
  12. I use the FireFox FlashBlock extension. It stops the animation (a good thing) but it also stops the tabs (a bad thing). Perhaps the tabs could be taken out of flash? Other than that, it's very clear as it is.
  13. Thank goodness for the 'lol' I didn't see it until I'd finished ROTFLMAO. At that point I realised you weren't being serious. I'm now under pressure from SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED to move the spare PCs from the middle of the lounge floor so I may as well dig out my KVM switch and move straight to a properly configured Ubuntu PC.
  14. Progress (?) report M$ Virtual PC doesn't appear to work properly - no time to mess around finding the exact cause (or the cure) but it doesn't capture the mouse. After a brief foray into WUBU (an 'easy' implementation of Ubuntu that, sadly, means you've got to boot into one or the other) I gave VirtualBox (free virtual machine utility). I now have a working Ubuntu that I can run in a nice little window on my XP home PC. I'm having trouble getting my screen resolution right. It was ok under WUBU so I'm assuming this problem has more to do with VirtualBox than the Ubuntu installation. More later.
  15. I've just, briefly, looked at the UK prices for Mac Minis. The 1.83 GHz model with an 80Gb hard drive retails for £399. At current exchange rates that's a staggering $804. Your $599 Mac Mini would be awesome value for money if we could get it for just £297. Sadly Mac prices are still far too high to consider, here in the UK, unless there are other compelling reasons. There are none - apart from an outsize scanner my needs are really quite basic. Besides, with a couple of spare PCs sitting around (one fairly new and just needing a decent hard drive) a 'free' OS has to be the way to go.
  16. Ok, folks. I'm ready to start making my move away from Micro$haft before my current, now quite old PC dies. The first job is to decide which version of Linux to use. Here's what I do with the PC. Run a WAMP server for development/testing Use M$ Orifice (Excel and Word - rarely Access - very rarely Powerpoint) FireFox Thunderbird Networked to another M$ PC that has a shared broadband internet connection Printing - HP LaserJet 2100 Twin-head graphics card (don't remember the make and model, though). I'm only using one screen but that's in portrait mode as it suits my work better. A second will be added so I can watch videos and review web page layouts in conventional mode easily. Bar-code scanning via SerialKeys (Welch Allyn Scanteam 3400 CCD scanner) Listen to MP3s via Windows Media Player Irfanview for resizing batches of scanned images FTP Image scanning is done on another PC which will remain on MS XP Home for now. It may move - Epson DX4800 multifunction thing. An A3 image scanner is being hunted down - this will go on the linux PC and may either USB or SCSI. I think that's about all I have past unix experience but I need the new implementation to be stable and easy to maintain. It should also look good - I don't do 'tacky'. I don't like icons and windows that look as though they were designed by a 3-year-old. I have a couple of spare PCs that can be set up as test-beds (and WILL be set up for parallel running while I familiarise myself with the OS and make sure it delivers as I want) but for the moment - as I'm too lazy to carry them upstairs from the middle of the lounge floor - I'll do my initial testing under MS Virtual PC - which seems to be running ok under XP Home despite being unsupported. Any suggestions on the most appropriate Linux?
  17. If only it was real golf - I'd be well on my way to my first £million.
  18. Shaved another stroke off ... Only a matter of time now, just a couple of difficult holes to master.
  19. Only a matter of time now.
  20. And this: Now - if only I could be as committed to getting some work done ...
  21. I really don't think a perfect 18 is possible, but 27 certainly is. and so is this:
  22. Still trying for a perfect 18. I don't think it's possible.
  23. Vista could well be the OS that makes me ditch MS, and all the software I use that depends on it, and go Linux and open source everything. My PC runs happily enough with XP at the moment but if I ever have to ditch this PC and replace it with something else - having used a friends Vista PC once, my replacement will NOT have Vista on it. I guess that means I should really install it now and get used to it.
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