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  1. Woohoo! I did it! I made the subdomain and copied all the wp files into that, reset the config data and reinstalled and now I have my main page (index.html) with a link to the subdomain which is my blog :clapping: Wow. Very happy and thank you all for the help.

  2. Thank you so much for your help.

    I used this link http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/wordpress.html to install, I am assuming that was a manual install? So by install a copy of wordpress in the sub folder, are you meaning go through the steps in the link above again with the sub domain folder?

    Also, once I have this done, when the subdomain address is used will the blog open in a page? I mean is there a default blog page address like my index.html in my public_html folder?

  3. You will need to link to http://***********/index.php , however you may find that your blog does not work correctly.


    I would dump index.html or install the blog in a sub domain.


    Wow.. I'll have to look around the forums to see how to do a subdomain. If I go that route will I have to re-do all the installation and registering stuff I did to get it in my main folder? (my brains hurt lol)


    Ok what I'm wanting to is this example:









    So you arrive at my Welcome page and there will be info blah blah "blog" you click on "blog" and that goes to my Wordpress blog. Do I really need to create a subdomain to do that? Was I mistaken to install wordpress in my public_html directory? I'll do what is most efficient and doesn't make my head explode if at all possible. I'd really rather not have my blog page be the entry area for what I want to do with my web space.

  4. By "main directory" I assume people see your blog directly by visiting your-tch-hosted-domain.com, which means they are already seeing an index page in the main directory. The index page is usually the first page a visitor comes to and there can only be one index.php in a directory. I´ve heard that you could place an index.html in the same directory and it would overrule the index.php (or if its the other way around, someone else will confirm this), but if the indexhtml overrules the index.php you could probably link to the blog from that page.


    Another option would be to use wordpress own "static page option" and make that your "welcome page". To check out if this option is something for you, log in to your wordpress admin, then go options > reading.

    I am personally using this option on tompasworld.com and I think it works well.


    Um.. My welcome page is my domain.com name, I want to put a link on that page that goes to my blog page. I'm just not sure what the link path <a href..>? needs to be. My main page is the index.html in my public folder and I want to have a link that goes to the page my blog is on. In the WP files I see a lot of index.php pages.. what file do I need to direct the "go to my blog page" link to? Sorry I'm a noob head :tchrocks:

  5. I have my wordpress all set up and thanks to the wonderful guide I found here on the forums, I didn't encounter one problem. I have a welcome page I am working on and would like to make a link from the welcome page to my blog page. I'm not sure what file to link to. I installed WP to my main directory if that helps. Thanks again in advance for making this confusing journey a little easier. :tchrocks:

  6. Well, I finally did it. I am now an official webmistress :) (as soon as I get that phone call anyway)


    Very excited and looking forward to creating my own little place on the web! I looked at a lot of hosts and even though a lot of it was a bit over my head I settled on Total Choice because of these forums.


    I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.. *cradles her phone..



  7. Hi Lily, welcome to the forums :thumbup1:


    Yes, you can register though us, and keep your ID private - we use domainsbyproxy, and yes - you would still be the domain owner.


    Thank you, that was an important part of my decision, and just wow on your forums here. I haven't seen this with any other provider I have been researching. Really nice and informative.

  8. Hello,

    I am getting ready to find my own web host and domain name registration privacy is an important service for who I eventually end up giving my money to. Does your company offer that service? If yes, even though I will be using a proxy I will still be the domain owner correct?


    So far these forums have been a terrific incentive for me to go with your company.


    Thank you.


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