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  1. Hi there Mike, and thanks for the welcome, TCH-Bruce. Here's a couple of examples that should help u see why I do things this way. Take a look at this page. motorcycleparts-accessories-andmore.com Look at it with 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution. The page is full screen, with the separate parts of the header expanding/contracting with monitor width, along with the page. Now take a look at it in a bunch of different browsers, at 1280px res, here. browsershots.org/http://www.motorcycleparts-accessories-andmore.com You will see the page has stopped expanding at the width specified, which is 1
  2. Hi there I just want to make some comments on this topic, as it's one that I find very interesting. "Should I have a fixed width page, or a fluid design? And if fixed width, how wide?" Have you ever thought that you can have the best of both worlds? A web-page that expands to a predetermined width, and then stops expanding? Once that point is reached, the page centers, and the body background displays on either side? The greater the screen resolution, the more body seen each side of the page. The trick to it is, to be able to get ALL standards compliant browsers like Mozilla and safar
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