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  1. That would work, but I am sort of a newbie on this. Where would I write the query to run after the table is updated?
  2. The incoming data may not always be coming from a web page. Is there any way to add the trigger?
  3. Can someone help me create a trigger for a database? The front end GUI where the person will be sending data can not be set to send in all caps, so I am trying to do it on the back end. Is this possible with MYSQL? Thanks, Adam
  4. It is a hosting account. Basically I was looking for some way to save emails to a database. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, Has anyone installed DBMAIL on their site? I am trying to install and newbie. 1) Is there a way to telnet into the site to change to the directories needed? 2) Is the Glib library (>= version 2.8.0) and the Gmime library (>= version 2.1.19) already on here somewhere These are the first questions since I am just starting out. Thanks for any help! Adam
  6. Hello, Is there a program or web site that would give me the addresses for all the fast food restaurants in a certain zip code? I want to take the data and import it into a table, so a user could search by zip code and see all the fast food restaurants in his/her zip code. Thanks, Adam
  7. Thanks , I think it may have been because I was doing the preview page in Dreamweaver. I took out the other stuff and was able to see it correctly. THANKS AGAIN BTW I see you are from Ohio - me too - live in Pickerington
  8. Hello, Can someone help me out with the following. I created a database from my cpanel and setup a form & result page with Dreamweaver. Everything works correctly - the form inputs data into the database - the search page records the data typed in and launches to the results page - the results page lists the queried data The problem - is that each page shows something like this in the URL - http://[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~[cpanel user name]/[page name].php xxx - My IP address (not the literal, but real numbers) for the domain registered I want the literal translation & get rid of the ~[cpanel user name Thanks, Adam
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