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  1. Howdy all; is there any way I can set up a dynamic subdomain redirect without having to configure each individual subdomain?


    Specifically, what I'm looking to do is redirect any subdomain on my domain to default.php?siteid=SUBDOMAIN. E.g.:


    site1.mysite.com would redirect to www.mysite.com/default.php?siteid=site1

    site2.mysite.com would redirect to www.mysite.com/default.php?siteid=site2

    site5678.mysite.com would redirect to www.mysite.com/default.php?siteid=site5678

    ... and so on.


    I know I can easily set up subdomains and redirects via cPanel, but I'd like to not have to do this for every single subdomain, and I would also like it to be dynamic so that it redirects properly regardless of the "subdomain" that's accessed. Is there a way to do this just using .htaccess, or does it also involve a DNS change?


    Thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide.

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