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  1. Hi Deverill Thanks for replying. They emailed me screenshots of my site's CPU usage, as high as 20%++. When I asked the reason for the high usage, they replied that it was due to frequently accessed image files. I've already changed the settings in Gallery whereby low CPU usage will be used instead (some option in admin) but still faced CPU overload. Could it be due to web bots indexing my image files? Googlebot spent close to 2 hours on my site before my account was suspended. Hope that TCH will give me a good answer - I hate to keep on changing web hosts.
  2. Hello, I've posted in this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=27465 What I need to know is TCH's policy on bandwidth usage and acceptable use of server resources. I'm currently hosted with another company, but have used TCH before. Reason for leaving was because of web space. Current web host offers 50GB monthly bandwidth. To date, I've used up 10%, but my account was suspended there because they found out my site has been causing CPU overload. I've been linking images from my Gallery to some forums which has high traffic - however, daily hits to those images are about 300MB at most. My question to TCH are: 1. Are TCH's servers able to handle such load without causing any CPU overload? 2. Is the linking of images to forums acceptable, as long as bandwidth is within the monthly limit? I find that linking of images overloading CPU a bit strange as paid services, or even free image hosting services, are able to handle the high volume of traffic. Any help is deeply appreciated. Cheers, Kenny
  3. Hi! Does TCH have any problems with users' Gallery overloading the CPU on the servers? I used TCH before using my current web hosting company, which my site now has problems. It seems Gallery is causing CPU overload on their server. I have over 5000 images in my Gallery. If TCH has no problems at all, I'll switch back to TCH due to good service and reliable servers.
  4. Hi! Has any member or admin ever install Flash Recruit script/program (www.vectrics.com) on TCH servers before? Thanks for any help given.
  5. Hi Not too sure where to post this. I was recently billed for web hosting - however I did not want to renew the hosting at the time and had the billing cancelled. Right now I would like to continue the hosting as I have acquired another domain name which requires web hosting. How do I go about this and who should I correspond with? Thanks!
  6. Hi Jim Thanks! I'll write to help desk once I figure out the usr/pwd combo which I registered under.
  7. Hi I would like to publish a calendar on my site, and found out about the mod_dav apache module: http://www.webdav.org/mod_dav/ Does TCH have this module built in? Should I install it myself on my own site? Thanks for any help given.
  8. Hi I have actually sent you a PM, but since there is no reply to that I figured something might have gone wrong. Anyway, my two domains are: www.cincai.net www.ins-worldwide.com You can send the welcome email to pmky1314@yahoo.com Thanks.
  9. Hi Not too sure of where to ask this question. My HDD recently crashed, and along with it went all my hosting and password details. Who can I contact to get back these details? I am hosting two web sites with TCH, and one of them requires urgent update. Thanks for any help given.
  10. I manage a web site for my client and have set up a few email accounts for them. Currently their email passwords are set by me, but they would like to change the passwords. How can they do it without using CPanel? Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi Is it possible for me to setup 2 email accounts and have them share the same email box? Or is it possible to redirect of the email accounts to the other? thanks
  12. Hi I am already using TCH as the web host for my own site. My question is whether I sign-up again as usual for another web hosting package, or do I already have an account with TCH which I can simply log in to buy new hosting packages? Hope that I am not being too cryptic as my English is a little bit rusty. thanks.
  13. I am currently using smartFTP. It can see the hidden files in the public html folder, but it can't see any in the folders which I tried to delete. Possible to change the default skin for cPanel on TCH's side? It doesn't look too good.
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