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  1. thanks for getting back to me, do you now the best and most sacure way to sacure a website directory using MYSQL?
  2. Hello, i have been learning PHP and starting to ue mySQL i have read and found coding that .htaccess can read username and passwords on mySQL but i can not get it working, below i hae add the coding that i have found if anyone can help me out i would be very greatful AuthType Basic AuthName "Restricted Area" Auth_MYSQLhost mysql.uk.clara.net Auth_MYSQLusername ***** Auth_MYSQLpassword ***** Auth_MYSQLdatabase database Auth_MYSQLpwd_table login Auth_MYSQLuid_field username Auth_MYSQLpwd_field password Auth_MYSQL_EncryptedPasswords off require valid-user when i upload this
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