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  1. I too have much spam getting past spam assassin and making it into my inbox. I have tried lowering the aggressiveness and am now down to "1" but still as much junk gets into the inbox as goes into the spam folder. I basically know NOTHING about using spam assassin other than setting the aggressiveness number, is there something else I can do to make it catch more of the junk that comes in every day? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Wait change that, just came back up. Seems to be running slow though
  3. Great thank you I will do that.
  4. HELP!!! I get lots of spam, usually 200-300 daily. Most of it is usually caught by spam assassin (set to 1) and goes into the spam folder with some getting through to the inbox but at least its an easily managed amount. A few days ago it seems like things got reversed, I started getting lots of spam emails in the inbox and a very few in the spam folder. I went to the control panel, disabled spam assassin, then re-enabled it. Seemed to work perfect, things went back to normal. Until today when it happened again. Got hundreds into the inbox and a few into the spam folder. About an hour ago
  5. I would rather not do that since the account I want to look at gets too many emails every day. Just want to be able to check it from the bb occasionally if I am waiting for something in particular and am away from the office or home. Thanks.
  6. I use horde webmail to make it easy to check from multiple computers and locations. I would like to be able to check webmail from my blackberry but so far have been unable to. Have tried the standard blackberry browser as well as the "bolt" browser and get the same problem with both. I get to the login page, enter email address and password, next screen that comes up is another login page. Will not go into webmail site always goes back to login page. When using mail through regular computer I see a link at top called "mobile mail" I have entered that url into both browsers on my bb also w
  7. Hello, Approx. once a month or every other month I send out an email with a link to my newsletter using "group mail" a free program I found several years ago that works great for my purposes. There are less than 300 names on the list and has never caused me a problem. Today however after I sent my mailing my inbox got deluged with undeliverable notices. I was shocked when the messages informed me the problem was on my end, not with the recipients. Below is a copy of the message I received, note that I have xxxx'ed out the recipients email address for their privacy: Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
  8. Thanks for the info, glad I checked before I got to far into this. Do you recommend anything similar that will work for me?
  9. I plan to add a classified section to one of my websites using Noah's Classifieds from the Fantastico section of control panel in the near future. Will the change to Php5 have any effect on this product. Is there anythig I will need to do to make it compliant or will it work fine now and after the change? Thanks, Bob
  10. Hello, Is there a way to install the simple page counter from cpanel on multiple pages and have then register independently of each other. I have tried placing a counter on different pages but they all read the same. Thanks in advance for any help! Bob
  11. Told you I dont know much about this! Sorry about that, here is the process.php file: <?php include("global.inc.php"); $errors=0; $error="The following errors occured while processing your form input.<ul>"; pt_register('POST','Name'); pt_register('POST','email'); $photoupload=$HTTP_POST_FILES['photoupload']; if($Name=="" || $email=="" ){ $errors=1; $error.="<li>You did not enter one or more of the required fields. Please go back and try again."; } if($HTTP_POST_FILES['photoupload']['tmp_name']==""){ } else if(!is_uploaded_file($HTTP_POST_FILES['photoupload']['tm
  12. Thanks, I have submitted a ticket and hope to get that part settled soon. Below is the code from the form page, hope you can help with this. Robert <form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='process.php' method='post'> <table border="1" cellspacing="1" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#000066" width="95%" cellpadding="5"> <tr> <td colspan="3" bgcolor="#B5CBEF" height="17" width="100%" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" background="tile_back.gif"> <p align="left\><b><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#FFFFFF"><img border="0" src="nav_m.g
  13. Help! I've just loaded phpformgenerator and am very happy but have 2 questions. First I have made a form to upload files and have tested it successfully but cannot delete the files I have uploaded there. I have tried through my ftp program and through file manager in control panel. I don't want this file to get too large too quickly so will monitor regularly to delete as needed. Second question, does anyone know how to make the script only accept .jpg files in the file upload? Do not want anything other than jpg's being loaded there. Have looked at their forums but they aren't very helpfu
  14. Appreciate the info, I was worried it was worse. Thanks, Bob
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