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  1. Well, I tried it. I don't know how to test it, but when I load the page on my computer, the movie plays and beneath is a link to bypass the intro. I think what will happen from now on is the folks who cannot see the movie will still seer the link I added, and be able to move on from the error page to the main page. Is that right?

  2. URL : Clicky


    Name of Page: Abba, Inc.


    Description: Abba, Inc. is a full service asset management firm. We have experience in every aspect of equipment remarketing and appraisals, we're a global remarketer of equipment used in the printing and mailing industry.


    *Note* Link to TCH is after Flash Intro.


    Rock Sign

  3. Well, I am starting off completley fresh... So- what do I need to do here? Do I need to download Apache to my system, or do I need to upload each file before they can be viewed?

    I tried to set the server in Dreamweaver to preview, but it didn't seem to work.

  4. I was using Dreamweaver to look at a very simple script, and it told me I needed some sort of server to do so. So if I understand correctly, each time I want to preview a script in a browser, I need to upload the script first? If so, that's fine, I just wasn't sure how the whole server thing worked.

  5. I am looking over a tutorial site, and they mentioned that I need to install Apache on my system before I can install PHP. My question is, I know TCH supports and has Apache already- so, am I just installing PHP on my hard drive?

  6. German web site. Hehe. Good thing I have a language background- or I'd really be in trouble. ... Uh oh, it's not illegal to use a generator like that is it? I thought it was funny that I couldn't find any supported by American web sites. If it is unlawful, I'll take it down...


    Do you see anything wrong with the code I supplied?

  7. Hmm.. maybe I'm misunderstanding the Previous Next functions. I have a list of items, and I was hoping users could scroll through the details of the first item clear to the last time by using previous and next functions. But the way you describe it, it sounds as if it will only take you back over pages you have visitied?

  8. Nope. No reaction. It takes me to a page that it claims 'dosn't exist'. Soo... I thin for now, I'll do the tedious, manual way of actually assigning URLS to the Previous and Next functions until we can get this squared away. I appreciate all of the ideas!

  9. Hmm...well, what's interesting is I'm using Dreamweaver, and it automatically comes up with this script for each ==> Next. (Template)


    When I highlight "Next" in the design area, I see this in the link box.


    <a href="java script:history.go(-1);">Previous</a>


    But when highlight "Previous", I don't see anything for a link.


    I'm sure this is terribly basic to some of you, but am I missing something?

  10. If I was well versed in PHP, I would have likely done the Previous/Next functions by now. Is there a walkthrough for this sort of thing somewhere? I am consulting other places for help, but just not finding what I need.

  11. I have a long list of items, and I want people to be able to choose one item and scroll forwards and backwards using the Next or Previous buttons. I would link them mantually with *****/product1.htm ect... But- the order of items on the list may change, so that would require a lot of coding for just one item being added, or taken off of the list. Any ideas? And please describe in some detail so I don't royally mess up. :P Thanks in advance!


    While I'm asking questions, anyone know how to code these things?


    Reccomend this Site to a friend


    Bookmark this Site?


    I'm pretty sure it's a javascript code, but I can't seem to find any to work for me.


    And just when I thought I was done...

    I read in another part of the Forum that TCH likes links , or atleast a "Hosted By" TCH link. Is there a particular format, or just mention it?

  12. Oh believe me, refreshing dosn't help. Heh.


    Well, here, check out www.abbainc.biz and go the temporary link under the crimson writing... Pick any image, and you'll see that they are large, too large to be adding to a auction site. You can tell especially under Pre-Press- the first Item, Agfa Processor... The first picture is warped because of saving over an old image after resizing. I have tried everything, except renaming the resized photos as new images... If that dosn't work... -> Me: :huh:

  13. Well, I have to point to www.****/image.jpg and not an html extension.

    So, uploading over old images is bad? I had no idea. I can certainly try that... But It's just so frustrating when I resize them and they still look the same size, with mcuh less quality.

  14. This may sound like such a silly question, but:


    I am utilizing some pictures for an auction site- and I wanted them to be smaller versions so they don't take forever to load. When I resize them to make the pictures smaller and I upload them again, they load the same size as they were. They just look more distorted the smaller I make them... Any ideas?


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