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  1. alan71


    Thanks everybody for your help! It seems that TCH doesnt support that one script! Thats OK!, I found another that I was able to use! Now I can take my data from MYSQL and have it report in Excel format! How cool is that!!! For those that are willing to do this, it is not that hard, but if you have never programmed in PHP or perl, you will need some assistance! Simply go to google, or your favorite search engine and type in php_writeexcel-0.3.0 download the zip file, unzip it and then use the examples to get your groove on! It does not have a example for MYSQL, but its not that hard to do! If I can figure it out, almost anyone can! I dont use URls in Blogs as they expire or change and then its impossible to find what you want!
  2. As a beginner in php myself, The best tool I have found is to install Xammp or simular server software on my home computer so I can make sure the scripts work before I post them on the website! Of course there are minor differences between my home box and TCH, but for the most part those are easy to overcome. Downloading premade scripts from sourceforge.net and playing with them on my home box has taught me soo much! best of luck! Feel free to ask about php, I might be able to help!
  3. alan71


    Thanks for the quick reply, I have submitted a help ticket! I truly believe that with all the scripting languages out there, php is the best. As with all scripts, there is always on "bug" that stops all the fun! Thanks Again
  4. alan71


    Having one problem with my php to excel script! For the life of my I cant figure out the path to Writer.php which is a Pear class. I have the script on my home server and it works fine, (of course i know the path here) But what is the path to Writer.php on TCH's Servers? A final note. TCH saved my site from getting hacked! They automatically lock out your domain if too many password/login attempts are made! Thank you TCH!! Final note: I am using mysql and php! If anyone needs a script to get preformatted reports from mysql in the excel format let me know!
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