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  1. I have not noticed if my numbers are incrementing or not. Will watch closer but don't think I have had an issue with it.
  2. EXCELLENT! Works like a charm!!! Thank you so much! I had actually forgotten about the awstats.js file! Since our site does not depend on those media players, I am glad that the tracker script will no longer check for them. No more Active X notice! But I will keep the full code on my tutorial site. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
  3. That would work on my personal/tutorial site where the visitors are more computer conscious. However, the lambert visitors are a mixed bag. Some are architects with current equipment and some computer savy. But most are contractors with older equipment that can barely use computers (often let wives do the surfing because they are uncomfortable with the internet), and distributor office workers that have no idea how to adjust browser settings. Telling them to do it would be like an accountant telling me the tax code. I might learn it but don't want to!
  4. Thanks TCH-Dick. I replaced the awstats_misc_tracker.js file. But unfortunately, the home page (lambertusa.com) still causes the active X notice. So that did not fix the problem. The test page, h**p://www.lambertusa.com/testingcode.htm caused the active X notice. BUT once I removed the tracking code from the page <script language="javascript" src="/js/awstats_misc_tracker.js"> the page loads normally with no active X notice. Looks like the only way I can fix it is remove the tracking code from the home page too and skip the additional awstats info unless anyonw else has a suggestion.
  5. I have several codes on the page. All of these appear on other pages without popup: - no IE imagebar - no rightclick(images only) - ieupdate.js update (for flash to cancel click to activate) - javascript (css style rollover links) As I mentioned before: "Just checked the site again with/without flash piece and no change. " I took the flash OUT and reuploaded page. Same popup. I put the flash back in on the home page and same popup. Take a look at this page (exact copy, without flash) h**p://www.lambertusa.com/testingcode.htm It caused the popup, even without flash. And when you use the same computer to visit this page demoing several FLASH pieces, no popup! h**p//www.samisite.com/csb5demo/flash.htm So I don't think it's the flash, or flash code. I have no other active content on the page. I have no music or other media files on that page. The couple pages that do have mouseover sound (instruction) do NOT pop the warning. -Samantha
  6. Additional: Just checked the site again with/without flash piece and no change. Still pops activeX notice on home page. Also used same machine to visit other sites built with the same CSB program and no popup. So must be related directly to the one page! Just gotta figure out WHICH piece of code is causing it...! h**p://www.lambertusa.com
  7. Other than having a FLASH object on the home page, we have no other active content. People in our office using IE7 are now getting a an ACTIVE X request: "This website wants to run the following add-on: 'Windows media 6.4 player shim' from 'Microsoft corporation'. If you trust the website and want to allow it to run, click here..." Searching the web turned up info on GOOGLE ADSENSE but we are not running any ads on our site. Other forums discuss quicktime. But again, the site has no quicktime content. Even checked this site: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2007/04/2...ing-add-on.aspx and they say: I'd like to know what I should do about this activeX notice. What content could be triggering it? It only happens on the HOME PAGE of the site. I checked other pages that have other scripts (slidehows, etc) and only the home page pops. It may scare off some visitors that think we are trying to put something nasty on their computers. Appreciate the help!!
  8. I am a nerd waiting for the 5th Harry Potter movie opened July 2 in Japan but doesn't arrive in the USA until July 11. Why open in the middle of the week??? Like you, I find it frustrating that other people have the chance to see the movie way ahead of us. (Having read the books, I am looking forward to the last book arriving later in July too.)
  9. True, if it stayed the same. But what if i you alternate between only UPPER, lowercase, odd numbers, even numbers, etc. Randomize it so each time the page loads you get a different version. The number letter combo would have 5 each: upper, lower, odd, even. The visitor would have to determine WHICH 5 to input based on the randomized instruction.
  10. 3 - Care to elaborate on what you meant by coloured inputs? I'm thinking of things like <input type="text" with a background set via css. When you click on a field to enter data, the field turns lavender to show that is the field you are working in. Silly, unnecessary vanity addition to the form. The script is still on Dynamic Drive and their demo works in FF and IE: h**p://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex11/highlightform.htm Mine only works in IE. But that, as I mentioned, could be due to other scripts on the page causing interference. It does not bother me so I have spent no time trying to identify the reason. (There will always be a difference between IE and FF when you use code generators (like CSB) and not hand-code.)
  11. OR have you considered: enter only the five UPPERCASE LETTERS into the box: A59t81L6Bau7rDY The answer would be: ALBDY The code would change from page to page but would retain 5 letters each time. The placement of CAPS could change so it would not be the same placement (1st, 7th, etc) each time.
  12. My current contact form for my personal site: 1 runs in an iframe, so thank you page is contained within my contact page, no change of overall page. 1 - Why not use Ajax or take a look at Thickbox Because I knew how to quickly implement the method I mentioned and did not have time to review/study other options at the time. May consider other options as time goes on but the current form in Iframe works well with the simplistic design code of CSB pages. 2 prevents ENTER key from submitting form too early (IE and FIREFOX) 2 - Won't really stop bots This option was not implemented for bots and they were not even considered for this option! I actually added this extra script years ago to expand the abilities of the basic CSB built-in form. This option was implemented because REAL PEOPLE like to use the enter key while filling in a form when they are done with a field instead of using the TAB key. Used to get so MANY partial forms...2 fields complete, 3 fields complete, etc and by implementing this script quite some time ago, I stopped that frustration from happening! Now I get fully completed forms. But since you bring it up, spambots are being deterred in OTHER ways. 3 has colored input (in IE) fields 3 - Why IE only? This script was written and implemented years ago and says it will work with Firefox. It is not mine and I accepted that it works in IE and is ignored by Firefox, probably due to other scripts on the page. That's fine. No errors are generated and it is not necessary to the implementation of the form so it has not been a concern.
  13. CSB forms are still working. The server will continue to process forms until at least July 1, 2008. I still have working forms on my own site and others using CSB forms and have received forms today and this week from them. There are lots of form software that can be used. I like PHP scripts for forms as they often have more security measures built in to keep your site safe from spammers. [i posted this on the samisite.com forum for CSB users:] - Replace the CSB form. Either: use a different 3rd party form processor. Lots of them. Some paid, some free. These sites would act like the GlobalSCAPE server does, sending your form information through thier server on to your email addy. One of these services, cutandpastescripts.com is demonstrated here: h**p://www.samisite.com/test-csb/cutnpasteform.htm. Another that I have not tried but looks promising is h**p://www.responders.com/ and follows the same concept. OR Install a script on your own site. Make sure the form script you choose has protections against inserted codes and fields. This is the best long term solution! Run a form script on your OWN website to process forms. Bright side...more control, more options. Down side...You must install the script and you must maintain control or risk your site being pulled down by the host for spamming! You must make sure the script you use is SECURE. If it can be broken and used to send several thousand emails by a spambot, you are responsible for the scripts you run. You must update and stay on guard. - Use a CGI/Perl type form script. Lots are free...and very insecure! Some are paid with more security. - Use a PHP type form script. In my opinion, this is the BEST option. So far this offers the best protection from spambots. MANY MANY MANY scripts offered. Go to HOTSCRIPTS.COM to find a suitable script. Basically the FORM code is the same...Same input fields for your visitor and they would not see a difference that way. But the code you would purchase (if your host allows a PHP form code) does MANY things for you: - would pull the data from the form and verify it - check for inserted extra coding (spammers try to force thier code into your form to send to 10-200-500 people at one time using YOUR form), - check for changes to the form/content (try to send it to other address instead of yours) - keeps your email address private - allows you to require certain fields - allows you to send automated responses and/or copy to customer that is sending the form. - and more....etc. There are 3 parts to a form (made with CSB) - The header (defines which order the fields are sent to you, email address, etc) that tells the server what to do with the form when it is sent by the visitor. This is put at the beginning of the form. - The fields this is the name, address, etc part of the form itself seen by your visitor. - The send/submit buttons. This part activates the form & data when the visitor invokes the send button. PHP forms are almost the same concept. But they require SCRIPTING to work. Main difference: The header. The CSB form is fully readable in your source code. Your email address is exposed and the form has NO built in protections. The header tells the server to send your forms to the GlobalSCAPE server for processing. Your website server is NOT used to forward that email. The GlobalSCAPE server has some limited protections (max # forms per hour, max # fields) but can not protect you further. The PHP form header points to a file that is stored BEYOND access of the casual visitor to your website. The email address, the definitions, the routing information, etc that is in the CSB form is now moved OUT of the form code and put into other files that can't be read by spammers. The files are FAR more complicated than CSB forms because they do so much more than CSB could ever do. Setup takes a while for the first one. You put files where you are told, fill in a few blanks the way YOU want them to be (name of fields, address, etc), answer some questions, etc then tweak the CSB built form header to point to the PHP code or use the sample forms they provide to begin (the best choice!). The PHP script will send you the email like CSB form does now, or can produce HTML style forms in your email! All choices you make within the script. The script will run from your website space and draw against your bandwidth usage. BUT be far more secure. Though I still use some CSB forms on the site, I switched my main contact form to ultimate form mail. Added a couple javascript pieces to the page so my PHP form now: 1 runs in an iframe, so thank you page is contained within my contact page, no change of overall page. 2 prevents ENTER key from submitting form too early (IE and FIREFOX) 3 has colored input (in IE) fields I hesitate to recommend ANY script. One that is known to be secure today may not be tomorrow. Or may not be available for sale.
  14. Don't have another idea for your captcha. But you were right not to try using color since some folks are color blind and would not see the difference between red/green, and would not be able to use your captcha method. [FYI: this site allows you to enter a webpage address and it will render the page the way color blind people see it h**p://www.vischeck.com/vischeck/ Very interesting.]
  15. Having Fantastico actually spurred me to add a couple features to my site that maybe I wouldn't have sought out (polls, FAQ, etc) otherwise. And using it to install was just such a treat. But I prefer to maintain manually so there is less lag time between update and implementation. Just one more perk on the TCH servers.
  16. Ah...Yes.... Found them! SMF forums: This week Fantastico was recommending upgrade to 1.1.2, which was released in February. As of this week a new version 1.1.3 came out and I manually upgraded again. I'll continue to upgrade through the admin panel on SMF since that happens MONTHS before Fantastico gets wind of the new version. And when they are security updates, I don't want to wait months. I adjusted the version number in that file and Fantastico no longer gives me a link to upgrade and says "Only manual upgrade possible" since my version is beyond the known update.
  17. I have used Fantastico to install a few items. But have no fantversion.php file in ANY of my fantastico folders so I do not have that option at this time.
  18. Thanks Bruce! I got the email too, but had manually updated SMF back in February. Renamed the SMF folder so if in future I want to use Fantastico to uninstall, I can. But in the meantime, no emails.
  19. Contacted support and asked them to adjust something for me. Marked it as low priority. Needed to be done but not a CRITICAL issue. Within minutes it was resolved and working fine! Over the years, you expect deterioration of service as companies get complacent. But I have not found that with TCH! The opposite seems to be true here. It seems that response times have gotten faster. Thanks for the amazingly prompt assistance!!! Still very glad to be hosting here and happy to tell others of my experience here!
  20. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers!
  21. I recently had a boot issue on my home machine that during boot up I would stuck on a black screen with white prompt and would NOT load. Had no new program or CD in drive. Changed out my CMOS battery (quarter-sized flat battery) attached to my mother board. Simple and easy to pop out the battery and put in a fresh one. Hardest part was to get under the desk! 1 hour of diagnosis and dismantling CPU 30 minutes to Radio Shack $4 battery, Everything working again like normal: PRICELESS.
  22. (Maybe it is suggesting that you SEND 2 messages! )
  23. 77 seconds....I rated a c+
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