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  1. Like that Save As Image add-on! Did the trick for me on a scrolling page. MUCH APPRECIATED. Been using a screen capture program for years that only gets the static window but this time I needed documentation of existing WHOLE page.
  2. I used Eudora years ago, and back then it was quite nice, but very basic. Too bad you do not have send/receove groups. If your send/receive is an all or nothing, I would forward emails to a combo address. Then use FILTERS/RULES to resplit the emails to different folders. Ex: any email coming from xyz would go into xyz folder, etc. Means you would connect to less accounts during send/receive, but when replying you would need to be careful which email addy you use. (I use combination of email addresses and rules in Outlook all the time.).
  3. Don't know if Eudora can do this... I use Outlook and have set 4 different send and receive groups. That way when I send and receive, I choose one of the groups. Solved my connection problems by limiting to no more than 4 email addys at the same time from a single server. My Outlook reacts better too...no lockups waiting for connections.
  4. Used to look forward to each of his stunts! Definitely a 70's iconic persona! With everything he did to his poor wracked body, I am surprised he made it to 69! Loved the really bad movie they did about him in early 70' with George Hamilton portraying him. Thanks Evel for the entertainment!
  5. I recently lost my old phone and replaced it with a suedo-pda phone with Windows Mobile 6 on it. I use the standard IE that came in the phone. My forum on my website is SMF. I can open view and view boards and posts on TCH forum and my own. On both forums, I can open a form to post but get the same error when I try to send it: NOT ACCEPTABLE. APPROPRIATE REPRESENTATION OF THE REQUESTED RESOURCE /forum/index.php COULD NOT BE FOUND ON THIS SERVER. Since I can read/post from home and work machines on both forums, I assumed it is a limitation of the browser in my pda. You could also have the same problem.
  6. Thomas, I really thought I typed it in under commercial site. So embarrassed. Tucker-Kirby Co. Thank you.
  7. Commercial Site. Description: Supplier of superior building and construction materials in North Carolina and South Carolina. Text link located near bottom text links on the about us page: http://www.tuckerkirby.com/history.htm Has rollover tooltip Web Hosting Excellence in link. Account has been ready for months, but site finally went live today with DNS change!
  8. Sorry I did not see this post until today. It does not require a fancy photo editor. Any will do. I use Paint Shop Pro 9 for most of my CSB work because it lets me take a very large image and SLICE it into a top, left border and body piece when I want that type of layout. You probably want to modify an existing template and make it your own style. That's the easiest way to do it. I tweaked the basic instruction below for you: To create your own template from a modified CSB template: 1. Open a site file with the template you want to change. 2. Change how pages are arranged in the map or outline. 3. In the map, add, change, or remove sequences, shapes, and pictures. 4. In individual pages, add, change, or remove text, pictures, links, fields, field links, audio, video, or special code. 5. Click on the page you want to first appear when a new site is started with this template. 6. (0ptional) Hide or show the Map and Outline. If you hide or show either in the template, they will be hidden or showing for users when they first open a site using the template. 7. On the menu bar, choose File > Save As. The Save As window appears (see picture on following page). 8. In Save in, select WebDesigns. The WebDesigns folder is generally at C:/Program Files/GlobalSCAPE/CuteSITE Builder/WebDesigns. 9. In File name, type a name for your template. 10. In the Save as type list, select CuteSITE Builder Template Files (*.tlt). 11. Click Save. Your new template will now be available in the New CuteSITE Builder File window You will need a text summary and the picture to go with it. Follow the instructions copied below for that. The instructions for making templates are included in the CSB4 user guide here. See section 14. A couple of the folks on the samisite.com forum have made template files and could answer any specific questions you may have. Trudy has a site with may downloadables that may suit your needs.
  9. Like Thomas, I met him on another forum. Don was a mentor and friend. I will miss him greatly. Even throughout his medical struggles, he strove for a normal life. And thought of others first. Amazing man. And I feel blessed for having known him. He always had a word of enrouragement, he was so kind and helpful to so many people, his influence will go on for years. My sincerest condolences to his wife and family.
  10. I heard that Rob had to step out for a snack.
  11. HEY.... Gotta ask a silly question. Just set up another account and went to tweak some settings. Found that the email default address was already set to :fail: ! In the past, I had to put that in. Is it now pre-set since going to cPanel 11????
  12. After more than a year trying to convince a company that they should move to Total Choice Hosting, they finally did. Being non-technical folk, they asked me to do the work to set them up and move the site. Turns out, they had a sticky situation. At one point, I was sure I would have to cancel the brand-new account and move it. But thankfully TCH staff got involved with a resolution I did not expect! I have to say a very big THANK YOU to Dick!!! WOW! There are a lot of companies that host websites. None that I have dealt with have matched the support and assistance that TCH offers. I highly recommend this place to anyone that talks of websites. In fact, within the next two weeks, I will be getting yet ANOTHER account for the company that is next door to where I work! They have been with the same host since 1997 and the site has not been updated since 1998! We are trying to clean up a domain issue (lost password, main contact on domain can not be reached-left company YEARS AGO!) before we move to TCH and begin a new era for that company. At least I can rest assured that account will have a smooth transition.
  13. Yes, I have read that too. I think I am down to only the motherboard dying after ruling out: - Windows corruptions - PCI network card (I used 3 w/3 drivers) - onboard lan port and original driver - swapping PCI slots - reseated the ram (just in case) - tested the modem I know of no way to bypass a bad motherboard...Drives you can replace or just unplug and remove from BIOS. But if Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Thanks for the input and confirmation that I didn't leave anything else out. I will let her know I am taking the patient off life support.
  14. Nothing going on in background. No worm or other infections. Reformatted hard drive, clean reinstall, no programs or documents from previous state have been put on the new installation. Have the same CPU usage even when cable is unplugged, and no traffic when cable IS plugged in. And there is no increase of CPU usage or excess traffic when on dialup. Retains low CPU usage even when connected to web and surfing. Nope. All windows updates done, all basics accomplished. No change. Yes, I tried both PCI slots. Same result. I have not disabled USB 2.00 through BIOS. Will give that a try but don't hold out much hope. Wackiest thing. Really thought the reformat and reload would resolve the problem. Thought it was related to Windows file corruptions. But it isn't. She replaced her motherboard a year ago...maybe this one has a problem too....??? Have spent a good part of my weekend on it. Maybe just give her bad news, pronouce this one DOA and get new PC?
  15. Last week, my supervisor's home PC was stalling out when you tried to do anything. CPU usage would be 54-71% without opening anything and would go immediately to 100% and hang if you actually tried to use a program. I just reformatted and fresh installed Win XP Home, added drivers, added free zonealarm firewall then updated all drivers and xp fully. Loaded only the basic software required for the system. No personal files moved back onto system, no adware/spyware or other yuck. CLEAN. When I have the network card DISABLED in the hardware profile, her system is quiet, using 0-2% of resources, even if on the internet using the dial-up modem. However, the second I connect her ethernet card, the system immedially jumps to the same CPU usage as before, 54-71%. Swapped network cards twice, no change, so the card/driver is not the issue directly since all three cards are different brands, all with specific drivers. Tried the integrated Lan port but it gets the same result...I disabled it in BIOS so it is not interferring with PCI card. Ran Process Explorer which confirmed that the high CPU usuage is caused by hardware interrupts. (love that program!!!) Checked and found no hardware conflicts. IRQ18 -PCI is assigned to both the NIC and the USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller (these are default settings). Her motherboard is a Gigabyte brand with AMD processor. The rest of the hardware is solid and seems a shame to get rid of the system because she can't use high-speed internet on it without overloading the system! She needs to be able to get into our office machine with the home machine so high-speed is a necessity for her. So... anything I can do to remedy this? Any suggestions?
  16. Actually TCH announced over a year ago that all accounts were supposed to be on the same theme so that when upgrades were posted, they would go smoother. If you still had bluelagoon or some other theme, your site was not set to the default and would require a ticket to update. I checked my accounts tonight and found that 2 of mine required a ticket to get them tweaked for me. A third account updated normally and gave me a chance to glance at the cpanel 11 interface.
  17. Each individual site would need to be hosted on TCH and provide a backlink to TCH to get listed in the family pages. Though discussing TCH and linking back from the blog is appreciated, it does not qualify the other sites for the family pages.
  18. And for the Microsoft OFFICE suites, if you go into the preferences/settings you can set them to warn and approve if a macro is built into the document or instead of warn, just not allow ANY macros to run in those documents. This is the BEST setting if you are not a macro user. Standing rule at the office...DO NOT OPEN word or office documents unless you know the source and expecting it, and set all machines to warn for automated functions. Macros (automated functions that can be recorded and played back when needed) are FABULOUS and I would be lost without them. I build many complicated macros in my Excel and Word documents for the office use. But in the wrong hands, that fabulous tool can become really nasty.
  19. Kool! Didn't realize it was real latin. Thought it was made-up filler. One of the HTML generators I was testing this week (EZ Generator) has this built-in.
  20. Have you made any modifications to your forum? Maybe something is interferring.
  21. Been running an SMF forum for several months now with excellent results. Would recommend it. There are a couple settings I use that limit access and reduce spam in the process: To post you must register. Registration is set for Member Activation (When this option is enabled any members registering to the forum will have a activation link emailed to them which they must click before they can become full members). The forum software already includes a choice of CAPTCHA images so does not require external script to handle it. So these will limit spambots from posting on your forum. Can also block bots from grabbing member information if they are not registered. Then in your MEMBER PROFILE settings, you can check a box to HIDE EMAIL FROM PUBLIC. This setting will stop other members from grabbing your email address. You can also set each section of the forum to visible/not visible to non-members. You can also set member information off limits to all non-members. So if someone wants to read but not post, you can set guests to view. If you want your guests to see only SOME of the forum, you can make those areas not viewable by guests. The interface is VERY flexible and VERY easy to use. Gives the admin control over several layers.
  22. I tested my smf forum today and it DOES incremental increase in individual and overall number of posts. Maybe you need to refresh your data tables? Hopefully someone on the smf forum will respond for you.
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