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  1. Thanks for the nice words. Didn't realize it was already viewable by others! It's just a basic site...don't have much time for anything major. I was using 3-free 10mb sites provided by ISP and jumping links between each (only one part has been moved) and also a test area on the main site I am building. All will eventually be combined in one place, finally! Hadn't considered a guestbook. May have to think about that, after I get the chat window up, maybe tonight..! <_< I am not a fan of Instant Messages...the new MSN version has too much spam these days so the chat window is a nice alternative. -Samantha
  2. Thanks - That's the type of chat I was looking for from my current host. They don't provide any so I shopped for the freebie. Will delete the current chat before bringing the site over. Last night, I finally bought the domain name samisite.com and this afternoon I already started to post part of my personal site! I will try adding a chat and go from there. -Samantha
  3. ok..Fresh Newbie here. I expect to move my company's website to TCH in the next week or so. It currently has a live chat window (the script came from freejavachat.com and I think it is a java applet, but the window states IRC-JAVA chat. Should I dismantle that page before bringing the site over to TCH so we don't get booted? Does TCH offer a simple chat function (for business use)? Thanks. -Samantha
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    New Host?

    I hope Dr Pepper is also acceptable. Dew isn't my drink. (sorry Head Guru!).
  5. Samrc

    New Host?

    I love to learn new things-it's like playtime fun! Looking forward to it. Hope this is not the typical disfunctional family -Samantha
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    New Host?

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I feel like I moved up from junior high into high school. More new things to learn, tools to play with, so much to see and do. Nice to know the upper classmen are friendly. Will take me a bit to get comfortable but I'm sure I will eventually. KW, I didn't think you had any spare time...! Do you run on a different body clock than the rest of us? -Samantha
  7. Samrc

    New Host?

    I'm registered now... A fresh Newbie again I guess. -Samantha
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