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  1. I prefer FTP. On our computers here in the office, it seems we get a faster response with FTP. But if that is not their cup of tea, wouldn't a strong PHP form script that allows file upload work? There are several PHP form scripts with that capability that allows you to control file size and type as Bruce suggests. And if you put that form on a webpage in a password protected directory, you would add a layer of security AND be able to see who accessed the form (each person would have their own user name/password easily set up in cPanel).
  2. I will vouch for the fact that TCH can handle what you are asking re the email processing. And do it very well. Our company was in the same boat as yours. Like you, our email is handled through exchange on site. TCH hooked us up several years ago, saving us money and helping us to retain the split (web in one direction, email in another) and providing us with more reliability and more options! Best move we made web-wise!!! Never regretted it.
  3. Yup. Still a challenge. Even large retailers like Kmart, Sears, Walmart list them on thier website as sold out or not available yet. And forget about the WII FIT board! That thing is spoken for before getting to the store! Course you can order from online for a premium and pay $$$$ shipping, but I am patient...Eventually I will get one. Until then.... To all that have accomplished the task!
  4. oooooohhhhh...... wii! Can't find them anywhere around here...get two in and SOLD before the hour is out!
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    Please send some of that rain to central Florida...we are CRISPY and burning down here! Bonnie, I have a few things that could be added to the "honeydo" list if you would like some suggestions...
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    Round 3..... How ya doin???
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    Good afternoon!
  8. I also just past my 5 year anniversary (for the FIRST account that I moved to TCH). Dealt with so many hosts over the years. In my experience, TCH is tops. It is easy to recommend TCH on the facts! - reliablility (even through hurricanes and other bad weather, our sites remained up. UPTIME has been terrific) - consistency (in the way they apply the rules which is very important on shared servers as it protects all of us) - stability (servers are not overbooked so you really do get everything promised) - pricing (competitive and has adjusted with time to offer MORE space and bandwidth with no more cost! Tell me ANY other product that has done that in recent years) - support (through the forums for general help, help ticket for real account help, TCH again is a pleasure) - communication (usually this is the best feature. This hosting company actually tells you when they do maintenance) I have moved some sites here and built other sites from scratch while being here. Buffalo Gal found this host after visiting my forum and getting a recommendation and there have been many of those throughout the years.
  9. Yup.... besides software that you are running on your current machine, check that your printer and other external equipment can be used with the new machine. Sometimes moving to a new operating system (from xp to vista) can cause larger $$ problems and cause even more upgrades!
  10. Way to go Alex! Buffalo Gal, glad you decided to go with TCH and that you are having such a good experience.
  11. Updated my ram in my desktop at home to 3gb, and my old laptop from 256 to 2gb. Both updates made the machines run so much better. Cheapest way to extend the life of a machine! Makes your old machine 'feel' like a new pc. Highly recommend if the rest of the machine is stable. I have used CRUCIAL for my memory cards 4 times. Every time the memory is completely compatible and have had no problems with the memory. Did not have as good of luck buying from a local retailer. Bought the type needed. Unfortunately, it was NOT fully compatible with my machine. Caused havoc. Returned it and returned to Crucial too. Was cheaper and it has always worked right the first time. Have used AVG and Zone alarm at different times on different machines. Not using it currently but both programs worked fine for me. Both easy to manipulate and lightweight. Yup. That's how I got my little laptop! Don't use it often, but it does come in handy sometimes.
  12. The banner on #2 becomes the focal point. Pipes are secondary in this one so I voted for #1. I like the size of banner, seems more consistent with overall size, allows the rest of the design to speak but would prefer that banner not be black. Note re overall design: Shield with black banner across it looks like a police shield with a black band on it signifying lost officer, often shield is covered for funerals, etc.
  13. Sent my ticket in today. Connected to the support system to send in a copy of information for reference. When I hit send, I found that Tom had already fixed the issue, in the minute or so that I was typing. WOW. Thanks Tom. Much appreciated. (I saw there was another thread started for Tom. Choose not to post there. He deserved a NEW kudo for this one, not just a atta boy on someone else's post! He dun good again! )
  14. I disagree. Granted it's not the norm, but there are many folks out there that do follow the rules. I do not steal software or accept other people's software copies, I burn backups for myself but do not give my software to others, when I move software to a new machine I remove it from the old, installations of the software are limited to no more machines than allowed (usually pc & laptop) and this is shocking....I actually buy software and try very hard to get the real thing not a chinese knockoff with a stolen serial number! Sometimes it means I wait a while. Sometimes I skip upgrades for the products I like most. I respect the fact that someone or a team of someones wrote that code and allow me to use it for a time. If the software is not open-source, known to be free, then the creator of the software should be compensated for their efforts! Love open-source products, or freeware (if known to be spyware free) but sometimes it is not the same as paid software. Pricing is a factor. Some software is overpriced. Period. But that still does not justify stealing it.
  15. AW....I didn't get a PM. I am disappointed. Would have liked to tell the contractor BITE ME....
  16. How did I miss this thread, and the others??? I was lucky to receive a gift certificate prize from TCH in a previous contest and was (and still am) grateful for it. Still using what I bought with it! (Thanks Bill!) Someone asked if he didn't want first place why did he enter.... Well I can answer that because I have been there. He never expected to win 1st place. At most, he hoped for the $300 ipod. When I entered the contest that ultimately awarded me a prize, I did it to join in the fun, NEVER expecting or even hoping to be a lucky winner of ANY of the prizes!! Don't think I even read the prize list before entering and was amazed that I was chosen. I have no need of a server for my own account, but had I won that as a prize, I would have been thrilled and grateful. It's a wonderful prize, a resource with serious VALUE. Renting, donating, auction off for charity, LOTS of things could be done with it even if the winner did not need it. Unfortunately so many people are spoiled. I think of the book/movie character from Willie Wonka: Verucka Salt famous for avarice and greed. "I want it, and I want it NOW" was a favorite expression. Sadly, this kind attitude is becoming common place in adults. What happened to manners and graciousness? It's one thing to ASK nicely if the prize could be switched to something of lesser value. Granted its a bit foolish to ask, but truly no harm asking if the rules did not say no substitutions. But for the winner to threaten, bully, harass, go to legal lengths when turned down??? That's just Ridiculous! It's childish, immature, foolish and short-sighted. I would just say to that person if he ever comes back to read this thread... GROW UP and get some manners! So sorry that TCH ran into such a difficult person. It was bound to happen eventually. And really glad that his attitude will not stop you from continuing contests at TCH. From a marketing viewpoint, they generate traffic and interest in TCH and from the familiy viewpoint, they are just plain fun. Thank you for the creative contests. Thank you for the outstanding hosting services.
  17. Standard ways. Two of the best: strong incoming links that lead bots to your site, content that matches the purpose of the site.
  18. I want a web page that has a search function that pulls up database info based on search. I have seen programs that allow you to create a database, and they create web pages to do that. Ex: h**p://www.dbqwiksite.com/ Is that a good program, or are there better I should consider. Is that a good route to take? Or do I upload/install a script that will generate a page and link to a database (like a forum scipt does)? The kind of information that needs to be retrieved is a spreadsheet type result. Not looking for shopping cart capabilities though I guess Zen Cart could be used for something like that... Ex: put in zip code, get list of companies in zip, put in type of application and get a list of products that can do that, with links to product pages (already built, or generated by script).
  19. Craft projects? Consider using still shots strung together in a FLASH program with instructions. WINK is a free program that makes nice instructional type flash pieces. h**p://www.debugmode.com/wink/ Low bandwidth, you can build in stop/play functions for users. Or very popular in crafting circles, a downloadable PDF file. Instructions with photos on pages that can be printed. Build in just about any software and "print"/export to PDF file format. Again lower bandwidth and portable. As a life-long crafter, I have MANY such PDF's that I have gathered from many sites.
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    I finished - bloons - more bloons - player pack 1 - player pack 2 Stuck on "even more bloons" at home, stupid helium filled balloons are faster than I can move on that level so I turned to the tower defense versions. - bloons tower defense 1 - bloons tower defense 2 (easy and medium) LOVED the tower defense strategy games but can not finish the hard level. Its really nasty. Been playing random levels at bloonworld off and on.... I TOO HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Can this folder be placed in a password protected area to limiit access to your only your registered clients, whick limits exposure for your website? I use an upload form and folder stored within a password protected directory for clients that just can't handle FTP software but are not a great hazard for me as I have limitations for size and type of files within the upload form also.
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    Gack....I have 3 machines..... each has a different level of a different version! bloons more bloons bloons player pack 1 And I found bloonsworld where you can make more levels and there are even tower defenses for bloons! I am addicted. I will NEVER clear all the balloons! They are in my nightmares tooooo!
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