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  1. We have year-end tapes for the last two years, stored off-site. Since they are not in the rotation, I didn't mention them. Will consider quarter tapes. We had a tape drive fail years ago on our previous server, after years of service. But also had flash drives fail. Can happen with any media I guess. At least with the tape drive, there are older versions of the media where with a flash drive if it dies, you don't even have an older version to fall back on.
  2. Had already run SpyBot and Adaware and neither caught the nasty little spyware program that was causing havoc on one machine I use. Added google pack (adds on to the google toolbar) free/standard version of Spyware Doctor to the machine and first pass it rid the computer of the offending program! h**p://www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/google_pack/ Just proves the statement that was said earlier....No program can fully protect you. It's always a combination.
  3. When we replace our current server, we will DEFINITELY move away from tape. We have rotating tapes, 5 for each weekday, two for odd month/even month. And we review the evening logs which record any file failures. Once in a while I have to replace tapes. Our Veritas software seems to do well verifying the data for us... But so far...knock on wood...the tapes have been quite consistent for us.
  4. We do have a tape backup for our office server. But the server and the tape are not large enough to also handle our desktops. Most of our desktop units have very little actually stored on them and if the machines went down it would not be a big loss. But 4 units are important, with tons of data that should be backed up on a regular basis. We have individual Maxtors for them, but after my experience with one that stopped working and one that became cranky, I am glad to have other input for replacements! Thank you for your input and suggestions!
  5. Been using MAXTOR external backup drives at home and work for years, mostly with success. Recently had a major scare. A backup drive that had important data on it and no where else just stopped working. The power cord was connected and the Maxtor drive would power up. Yet no light on the front of drive. No PC could recognize the drive! Just stopped working. No reason, no errors, no warning. Just nothing. After several attempts on several machines, I set it aside for an hour and tried again. This time it connected and I was able to move data from it to a pc. I can no longer trust this drive and need to replace it. I was choosing Maxtor because they came with decent backup software. The newer ones have very limited backup options while the older Retrospect software was really quite nice. Did some reading on the web and found similar complaints for some of the MAXTOR externals. They just stop being "seen" by computers. No abuse, misuse, damage, or issues that a user can prevent. Maxtor will replace the drive but will not try to recover the data, when still under warranty. Most of mine are out of warranty (too old). that I have so I do not want to go with that brand again! So, are there any backup externals you folks like? 1) for a single PC 2) to connect to a network so 2-3 machines can use it for backup.
  6. Pocket translator (either electronic or paper reference booklet)
  7. Samrc


    Ex-Google guys that started it caused the buzz, but the preliminary reports about it have been less than stellar. Some of the things I searched for brought up good site results, others were black holes. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out!
  8. - A lotto ticket for one of the multi-state lotteries (powerball.com or megamillions.com) - One of each bill (old and new designs) 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and coins: 5, 10, 25, 50 - Prepaid Visa Card with money on it for the trip. - MagicJack USB phone connection (program it with a USA phone number then send it in the box out of the country. Plug it into the computer in the other country and you can make "local" calls to/from the parents and daughter. One of my coworkers prepared one and sent it to her family in Ecuador. They really like it) - can of Pringles - they pack well and are great for the flight, while stuck on the tarmac (said from experience)
  9. I have the original V miniseries on dvd! Got it at Walmart in the $5 bin! Loved it. When it first came out, it was shocking and inventive... Everyone I knew (older and my own age) were watching it. Didn't think the second miniseries was as good as the first, but still watched it. I'm a Twilight Zone fan. Everytime SciFi station has a marathon, I end up watching several episodes. So many young unknowns and top stars. Several episodes have since been made into full length movie topics.
  10. Over the years, Adaware and Spybot S&D have released major versions of their free software. Every so often, they stop supporting a particular version, stop making updates for that version. They release all new versions (major builds) of the free software. For example....If your friend has Adaware SE, that version of the software will no longer allow updates. Adaware 2007 still has updates but there is a newer version. Adaware 2008 is the latest version. Eventually, they will replace that too. Lavasoft offers the CURRENT free software here: h**p://lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php Download the new version, remove the old. Install the new and immediately update. Up and running again on the same program but just the newer version of the program. Antivirus programs: Avast and AVG are freebies that are quite popular. Antispyware: Adaware, Spybot S&D
  11. Maybe. Afterall, a Nascar auto, John Deer tractor and Harley Motorcycle are miniatures that were suggested. A specific Hot Wheels vehicle might suit perfectly! The contents will really reflect two people in the end. The one sending (what he wants to say about USA and purpose of the package) and the one receiving (age, sex, taste, personality). At Christmas, many people take a tag off a Christmas Angel tree. The person buying has a description of the child (age, size and preferences for colors, clothes, toys, etc). Though the child has no idea what they will receive, they want the gift from a stranger to be something they want. I would imagine this box would be the same.
  12. Yes Barbie. I notice you were not upset that I included a football in my list. Only shocked at the inclusion of Barbie! She is the iconic symbol for American beauty, THE doll for all American girls, collectors item and a HUGE $$ maker for Mattel! I included football because our football is so different than the soccer around the world. Bruce, you may know more about who will receive this package than we do. We have not been told age, sex, purpose, type individual (family person, business person, young, old, etc) so our suggestions are all over the board. Newspaper (USA Today, New York Times, Weekly World News) Atlas of USA Pair of Levis Jeans (Typically American item!!) Campaign button/pin or hat both political parties (with donkey and elephant) Bumpersticker (for Gators or other favorite team, etc) Maple candy or salt-water taffy Frisbee Cowboy hat or boots Pound of coffee from Starbucks or Barneys DC comic (Superman, Batman, etc) PSP or gameboy National Geographic magazine that discusses some USA place (grand canyon, etc) New Camera with memory stick loaded with photos that have been taken in the area that originated the box (ex: photos of people and places in Detroit, Mich if the box originates there)
  13. Is there an AGE or SEX available for the recipient of this box?
  14. You look handsome in a suit and tie. Should put some happier times in it so it doesn't become the DREADED suit. Dinner out with your lovely wife would work! In parts of Florida, we don't see many suits unless they are on Bankers and Insurance Agents . Many business men are dressed more casually these days. The image looks like the one you would find in a brokerage firm website/brochure.
  15. That was my first thought too. something Disney related (maybe a set of mouse ears?) magazines (Sports Illustrated, National Inquirer, Woman's Day, etc) Hersey bar, made in Hershey Pennsylvania miniature Harley Davidson bike (die-cast toy) Country Music compilation CD (w/some bluegrass) football Barbie doll
  16. You can watch for other copies of your webpages by visiting this website: h**p://www.copyscape.com/ Put in the address of one of your web pages. Copyscape will look for your content on other pages. It works. A while back, I found that a poem I had written was being passed off as someone elses work on another site! Got it taken down. Kinda flattering (and surprising) that someone thought that highly of what I had written but come on, give me credit don't claim you wrote it! After all, I am not gifted with language skills so I may only have a couple poems in me to last a lifetime!
  17. Every time you visit a standard web page, your computer saves a copy of the page in your temporary files (your CACHE). You can actually surf websites you have already visited while you are offline if you have your browser set that way! You can also see that GOOGLE (and many other search engines) CACHE (save a copy) of web pages. Do a search for anything and you will see that the listings have CACHED choice underneath the link for the web page. This takes you to a stored COPY of the web page. This is handy sometimes when a site is offline temporarily. There are many ways to take web pages from people and its not a good thing to describe on a forum. No reason to teach someone new tricks how to steal from others. Why would someone do it? Here's a few reasons. There are more.... 1) because they can 2) Hostage. Try to get you to pay extra for the site back. 3) Make money. Try to sell the domain on the open market for money, and can get more more money if it already has a search engine ranking. If there are no pages on the site, the ranking would drop, devaluing the name. Some popular sites with traffic are watched/flagged for renewal dates so they can be grabbed if the opportunity presents. 4) Revenge or spite. Do you know anyone that has a grudge against you and would purposely be hateful? A reputable host (like TCH) would look into a complaint of stolen content. TCH has shut down sites with WAREZ and other inappropriate content. Hopefully the one they are with will respond in your favor.
  18. WOW! That's really cheeky! Pages are intact, including your names and email addy. Didn't even bother to edit your Trellix web pages. Definitely contact the host to complain. I have a Trellix/CSB support site. I will add your new site to the list of CSB sites I recommend to give you another incoming link to help Google to find you.
  19. I find that increasing the ram doesn't increase speed except when you 1) are editing large graphic files 2) have lots of programs open How I explain Ram, Front Bus Speed and Hard disk: Ram = how big your desk area is. Very little ram is like working on a typing table/tv tray. Enough room to have one or two files open. Increasing the ram makes your desk area become larger so you can now have MANY files open at the same time. 2gb brings your desk area to the size of a large office desk. 4gb is a huge conference table! Hard Disk = Filing room with lots of file cabinets in it. The larger it is, the more you can store on it. Front Bus Speed = This is the door between your desk and the file room. The faster this speed is, the faster you can get in and out of the file room. Slower speeds, you have to turn the knob on the door and sometimes wait while someone else is at the cabinets. If you have a slow speed, you have to slow down to save your files. If you have a higher speed, your oorway has a quick swinging door, allowing traffic to move faster without slowing anything down. SO... The slow down/speed comes when you are opening/closing/saving files. With very little ram, you constantly have to go back and forth from your desktop (RAM) to your file cabinet (your hard disk). With lots of RAM, you don't have to make that trip quite so often, essentially speeding up the day to day functions, but not where you can see a speed difference. If you are running so slowly I would expect that your resources are being taken up: 1) with programs running in the background (downloading updates, installing updates, checking for updates, spyware, extra programs). Check what is starting when you start the machine. Chances are you have many programs that will start when the machine starts and are not necessary. They use resources "just in case" the program will be used. If you are not going to be using it when you start the machine, why have it running in the background? 2) spyware or some other "hidden" software using up your resources. 3) ram is not well seated. Take the sticks out and put back in. Check your PROPERTIES and see if all your ram is loading. You may only have one stick reading. 4) bad ram/incompatible ram. This is the best advice about computers I have read in a while!
  20. Are you looking for an HTML GENERATOR (you use a WYSIWYG interface) and the program creates the code for you? Or are you looking for an HTML EDITOR (you edit the HTML directly)? Several website software programs are highlighted and discussed on the forum on my website (hosted here at TCH of course). Many users of CSB (also discontinued) are shopping around for alternative software so the forum was started to help the search and provide some basic support along the way. Scroll about half way down the page to see the list of the software. Most of the CSB folks are looking for a WYSIWYG environment so most of the programs we mention lean that way. Site Spinner seems to be a very popular choice. I was never a huge fan of Front Page, but do find the Expression Web software from Microsoft to be quite interesting. But a few are HTML editors, including NVU which has gotten a nod. There's even a link to the NVU user guide. Note that there is a different, newer version of NVU called Kompozer and it also has a link on the NVU discussion.
  21. Are you still using a form that was made with CSB built-in form? You need to change that form out for a new one. NOW! GlobalSCAPE is shutting down the form server and your form will stop functioning July 1, 2008 12 noon CDT Using an email link on the website is crazy these days. So you will need to rebuild your form. The true options for csb users: - free online hosted forms - like the globalscape (CSB) form, this is most basic option and will work for most people. - paid online hosted forms - for more submissions, more options - paid secure scripts - installed on your site and must be maintained by the webmaster. Read this post on the samisite forum for some alternatives. (COUNT DOWN TIMER is on the samisite.com home page)
  22. Thanks for the ideas. Will pass them on.
  23. It's been a difficult day for the server my website is on. It can happen on any server, and all hosts experience it! Computers are not infallible, even if new and well built. Some hosts have multitudes of problems with the servers and their clients are used to downtime. But those of us that host at TCH know that it doesn't happen very often here. So when it does, we are surprised, maybe even shocked by it. What sets TCH apart from other hosts I have dealt with: 1) Communication. Having dealt with hosts that will never admit that there is a problem, let alone that they are working on something, TCH is exceptional in this regard. TCH kept the site owners informed all the way with the forum updates. We had an idea of the progress so there was less stress for all the owners. Kudos TCH. 2) Backups. Site owners should backup their web sites on a regular basis. And some of us do, but how often? Most of us don't do it every day! So it is a relief knowing that TCH has an excellent backup schedule too. Many thanks for this Bill! 3) Service. When my site came up, the data in the forum was quite old. Sent in a ticket and Alex Spaford responded very polite and professional. Was hoping the site, when restored, would be about 24 hours old. When everything was said or done, very little content on my site was disturbed! The backup was far newer than I could ever have hoped for. So I tip my hat to TCH. This is why I still recommend this host after 5 years!
  24. I told him that just plugging that copier into a cord will not necessarily get the machines to print to it.... they would need drivers installed and getting them to see each other. He is looking for the disks/software that may have come with the machine... The XP Pro (at least he THOUGHT it was Pro) that has the wireless router connected is the most likely machine to have the folder that everyone will be able to access. But when it comes to the printer.... He said its a big floor model, a copier with printer capabilities. (Haven't seen it. We have a large floor model that I must be more complicated than theirs...but ours requires an IP address for network use). The wireless router is plain ole net gear or linksys with standard 4 ports. Already using 2 ports for 2 pcs. Laptop is wireless. Third port could be printer. But that still leaves 3 pcs that need to connect and only one port left on the router. So to accommodate that, connect a hub to those 3 machines, then connect that hub to the router on the last port on the router?
  25. The owner of an old small business is friends with my boss and has a new issue that they need to resolve: They have 5-6 computers. The OS ranges from Win 98, Win XP home (most of them), Win XP Pro and a new Vista laptop. The XP pro has a wireless router connected to it so it shares the internet (RR Cable) with the laptop. One of the other computers has a cable running from the pc to the router also to get internet so three can communicate with email. No server. No real network. And funds are very tight so they are not looking for a server yet. I have not seen any of this. Only reporting here what they tell me. 1) They would like to all connect to a large printer/copier that has an ethernet port. 2) They would like one of the machines to have a folder on it that everyone can use...transfer files in and out of that folder...share within the company without having to email (external) How would you suggest they do that CHEAPLY? Any suggestions would be welcome! We use a small Linksys PrintServer in our office to connect several pcs to one printer, but we are all networked. Would that still work for a non-network environment? If so, how?
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