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  1. A friend is moving a mySql database from a server with WebOS to a server with cPanel.

    I have been trying to help research the problem with her and having no luck.

    Both servers have PHP admin, and export of the database has been transfered to the new server.


    But the mySql USER NAME conventions for the servers are totally different.

    The file fails to import because the new username does not have permissions to use this database.

    The user naming at old server is abcde12345

    The user naming at the new server is azqtlp_12345 where the azqtlp is always the user name of the hosted account followed by underscore.

    And of course the user name on the hosted account is not the same on both servers

    She tried to create a user azqtlp_12345 on the old server and it will not allow that.

    She tried to create a user abcde12345 on the new server and again no joy.


    SO... how the heck do you get import and use the database on the new server???

    Can someone point me to a solution for this?


    By the way, I tried to get her to come to TCH but she is just combining her sites on one host now - two sites, one account without reseller package.

  2. 1. http://www.andysaircare.com

    2. Andy's Aircare

    3. Andy's Aircare Central Florida complete air conditioning & heating services

    4. commercial

    5. backlink opens new window, located on about page under links: http://www.andysaircare.com/about.htm


    I referred this person to TCH today when he was working on my air conditioning.

    He bought his domain and hosting today and I thought it would be nice to get him his first incoming link.


    He had one question that I could not answer: He prepaid for a year of hosting/2yrs domain. Can he prepay for the other year of hosting right away too? Or does he have to wait till near end of 12 months to reup for another 12 months?



  3. budget hosting company


    "budget" hosting company sounds diminishing, less than full performance should be expected.

    "budget" usually means that features are limited or missing to give you a "basic" cheap experience.


    Personally I find that patently false when used with TotalChoiceHosting.com.

    Everything is included! No addtional fees to have full hosting experience.



    TCH is a top hosting company with outstanding features, uptime and service.

    Nothing lacking here, nothing held back.

    In fact, compared to many other hosts I have worked with, TCH far exceeds them with features, communication and service.

    TCH does not misrepresent bandwidth and size claims.

    TCH does not nickel and dime for each service like some large named hosts. Options like statistics, email accounts, databases, and more are included with TCH hosting. Another large hosting service sends spam-like notices to the site owners every few days for "special sales" for features that not included with hosting.


    So to me, "budget" is a poor word to describe TCH.

    I would say "budget-friendly" because the prices are low, but nothing else is.


    Still proud to host here and recommend others to host at TCH!


  4. Yes. I tried setting everything to one click.


    Set all to two clicks


    same result for the last couple months.


    Just one of those wacky things I was just living with...but last Window/Office update seems to have changed behavior to normal.

    Tried to record screen behavior and it works properly now.


    fingers crossed

  5. I have my computer set to require double click to open folders, files.

    Works for everything except for EXCEL files.


    If I click an Excel file to select (for copy/paste/rename, anything) it opens.

    If I click on more than one excel file, they all open.


    ONLY happens with Excel and I can not find any setting that needs to be changed to stop this behavior.

    Drives me nutso! Constantly closing files I did not intend to open.


    Any suggestions are welcome.


    win 7/64 bit, Office 2010/Excel 2010

  6. I left her like that (had to go home) and will work on it remotely til the weekend when I can sit with it again.

    - I am going to do full scans on the system with malware bytes and other yuck removers just to be sure nothing snuck past defenses.

    - I will remove her yahoo toolbar and maybe other add-ons too.


    What else should I look at?

    Should I remove/replace IE 8?


    yep. I agree! :)

    I mentioned in the post that was the first thing I will do this weekend.


    Anything else you would suggest?

  7. Worked on my mother's machine this weekend and I am thoroughly confounded. :)


    She opens IE8 and the toolbars are missing. There is an area that shows whatever was behind the active window and it never fills with Menu Bar, Navigation Bar, can't print, search, go forward, backward, see favorites, links bar, nothing! (Window looks like a screen shot of the background image in that header area of IE.)

    Click to open IE 2nd time, same thing.

    Eventually, one time out of 5 or 6 you do get the toolbars she has defined and she can actually be on the web.


    I have researched till my eyes were red. Have not faced this issue before!

    - Tried the MS fix it site: h**p://support.microsoft.com/kb/962963

    - Tried the regedit recommendation and others offered on web.

    - Removed Google toolbar from system (she was running yahoo and google, told her to choose only one)

    - Turned off all add-ons, then put them back on...

    - General cleaning/tweaking of settings did not help

    - Reset to default IE settings (clearing all passwords, temp files, etc in process)

    No joy. No change.


    I put in FireFox, added the flash, shockwave and adobe plugins.

    Made it her default browser and imported her IE favorites.

    After telling her how good FF is, it loads home page quickly and fully.

    She is pleased and says as long as she can see her info, she is willing to use it instead of IE! :D

    Click a link and it just hangs. :wallbash: :crybaby:

    The new tab or new window just hangs and never loads.

    OMG! What else???


    She has XP Pro, SP3, up-to-date.

    Running Avast protection with Komodo firewall, both up-to-date.

    She plays downloaded/installed legitimate hidden object games from sites like BigFishGames.com etc, basic shopping on big sites (JCPenney, QVC, etc) and emails. Wanders a bit but not dangerously. Careful about where she goes.


    I left her like that (had to go home) and will work on it remotely til the weekend when I can sit with it again.

    - I am going to do full scans on the system with malware bytes and other yuck removers just to be sure nothing snuck past defenses.

    - I will remove her yahoo toolbar and maybe other add-ons too.



    What else should I look at?

    Should I remove/replace IE 8?

    Considered doing a system roll back if she has the ability turned on.

    She thinks this problem started when IE8 was loaded but can't be sure.

    (Did not tell me when it first started.)


    ANY and I do mean ANY suggestions would be welcome!

    HELP please.

  8. Ok. That was my first thought too.


    It's just that I have read such conflicting info re win 7 admin account...should/should not enable.

    Separate Admin account does not have the same abilities as the win 7 admin default account, blah blah...

    Why make it such a headache?


    Finally found a piece of the puzzle that makes sense as to why using a standard user w/admin rights instead of the built-in (default hidden) admin account:

    I dont see why anyone needs to use it unless there's a problem with their usual account, I don't use it because the built-in administrator account just runs with virtualization and UAC disabled and also causes problems with some older xp/2000 applications (i.e. CivilCad & Visual Studio) that need the virtualization to run properly on Vista/Windows 7.


    XP was simple. Use Admin for maintenance, Use User account for main use. Done.

    A must on a networked environment. We had a couple minor infections on desktops but since they were not in admin mode, the infections could not spread to others.

  9. Thanks Bruce. Will do. Only one user on the unit, but want to have it as protected as possible from day 1.



    I have been reading about the "hidden" default administrator account in Win 7 and seem to get conflicting info about it. By default it is disabled. Should I enable that default "administrator" and use it for my admin needs, or create a separate account with admin privileges to handle the maintenance activities? Would there be a real difference? Probably not as long as it is password protected.

  10. I have read many times that with Win XP, to limit control that a bug/infection, users should not run as administrator for general computing. Create a user account with lesser abilities for everyday, use admin for maintenance (install/etc).

    MS statement about it:



    Should the same thing be done with Win 7?


  11. I honestly appreciate the service, the consistency, the people and the options that TCH offers.

    This place IS unique.


    You guys make me look like a hero time and time again.

    Besides the site being consistently avaiable, having the options that I now take for granted (and shouldn't), TCH is easy to justify from a business perspective.

    Every three months or so, we get solicitations from phone services that want to wrap our website hosting into the package, promising to save us lots of money. Each time, t has been quite easy to defend my choice of TotalChoiceHosting.com to the owner and sales reps. In fact, most of the sales reps for these companies do not believe that we can have all the services I recite for only $44/year and demand that I show them the chart of services/hosting plans.


    It's easy to recommend TCH for soooo many reasons. I listed only a few. :thumbup1:

  12. This week I have my personal 7 year anniversary with TCH.

    During that time we have had quite a journey together.


    I wanted to let you know that I am still in love. No 7-year itch here.

    Our commitment stands as strong today has it did the day were were joined.

    Thank you for a wonderful 7 years!


    - Samantha




    Oh...by the way, a couple days ago,on my own forum (hosted here on TCH server) I was asked for a host recommendation.

    This is what I said:


    Just wanted to let you know that my hosting company does not have FTP without an upgrade and I don't think I want to do that now. Can you suggest another hosting company that is a litlle more user friendly.


    Yes. I have dealt with many hosts.

    So far, in my 10 years experience with my own sites, my employer's sites, friends and clients sites....I have to say that TCH is still my favorite and I plan to keep samisite and the forum here indefinitely.

    Here's a few of my reasons for staying with and recommending my host: TotalChoiceHosting.com

    1) cost ($4/mo or $44/yr) Everyone can afford this level.

    2) plans fit real site needs! Even the starter plan looks tiny but it is bigger and better than you think. Check out lambertusa.com to see what can be done with a storage space of this size!

    About a 100 page site with Hundreds of downloadable pdf files. Password protected directories

    3) They do not promise UNLIMITED bandwidth/storage because they do not over sell the servers. They maintain fixed limits and this keeps EVERYONE's website up and running.

    3) The TCH host Control panel is one of the best in the industry: cPanel. The only other that I have worked with that is as loaded is PLESK. cPanel puts ALL your controls for the site in one place. Many hosts (godaddy, and others) have a mis-mash of screens.

    4) TCH also INCLUDES a HUGE number of things that webmasters need but are usually considered as add-ons! All the plans include REAL benefits like FTP, email (POP and webmail with calendar, cgi-bin, shopping cart software, password protection, more... Why should you pay extra to have basic needs like FTP? And Statistics! Gracious AWStats gives wonderful information and stores it as long as you have the account with TCH! I have years of data about samisite. Most hosts either do not offer stats or give a weaker package. Even the free counters like statcounter.com limit the amount of data they store on your behalf before they charge you.

    5) They maintain clean servers that are stable, with good uptime, lots of backups, support is ticket system, through Instant message and other ways. No 24 hour phone but I do not find this a bad thing. In all the years I have used TCH, I have only had to call TCH twice! The ticket and other support options have been excellent for me.

    6) They have an extensive forum for community and guidance.

    7) No ads. TCH does not bombard you with constant ads, spam emails, notification that features require upgrade! GoDaddy may be cheap on the surface, but you pay extra for every little feature and it is not a good value! SPAMMY!

    and there are more reasons....


    If you want an ONLINE site builder, they don't offer it.

    But I never recommend you use one of those anyway.

    If you build a site with one of them you are STUCK at that host and can not move your pages to another host.

    Better to use your own software and FTP pages to the site.

    Hosting gets sluggish, non-responsive support, etc, you can move your site to another host easily!

    The lambertusa.com website did not start at TCH. It was moved to TCH when the old host could not meet the needs of the growing site. Based on high reputation and personal recommendation, I moved that site, saved a lot of money and have NEVER regretted that decision!

  13. I am also a CSB user.

    Thomas is probably correct server side issue might be the cause.

    Best to have that checked and adjusted if necessary.

    The TCH servers are very stable and usually there's something to tweak on the user side.


    >> Have you set your firewall to trust CSB?


    >> Is this the first time you are publishing on this new machine?

    If so, please keep in mind that CSB must publish the entire file ONCE from that machine, replacing all files stored in your tlx design file. After that, you can just publish the updated/changed/added pages. Even with no "issues", that republish of all pages can sometimes take SEVERAL tries to get ALL the pages to upload. The last time I had to do it for my main directory took me over 15 tries, over an 2 hours to complete (Start/Stop Start/Stop Start/Stop That process is quite normal. Aggravating, but normal.).

    Bright side: updates take a minute or so once that first complete publish is over.


    >> Alternative publishing for this critical time.

    Since you are on a time crunch, you might continue that full publish later.

    Might I suggest that you PREVIEW your site to your own computer.

    Then identify the files you need (new pages, new images) inside that folder.

    You may only need to upload 4-20 files out of the whole folder.

    Use your Windows Explorer window to look at all the files and note which are the VITAL ones you need for Monday.

    Then you have a choice. Do one of the following to skip CSB as the one to upload:

    1) Either connect into cPanel and use the File Manager option to upload the few files you need into your public_html folder, OR

    2) Get a free FTP software and try your FTP settings from CSB in it to see if it connects/uploads smoothly.

    Read this page about CSB/FTP: http://www.samisite.com/publish/using_ftp.htm and this one too:


    FTP software is EASY and those pages will help you understand what it does and how. Consider COREftp software coreftp.com for decent Freebie without nag screens or spyware.


    Sometimes that CSB file can get hung up on that first publish yet you would be able to use FTP & file Manager without problem.

  14. I use PC Anywhere from home to work, home to mother's PC for most of the connections.

    Have done so for about 9 years now. Used to set it from work to home but not any more.

    PCA allowed me to work from home all of last week when I was sneezing and coughing my head off. :)


    But that sofware is not designed to have the whiteboard, or transfer presenter from one to the other. You are either the host or the remote. Granted, usually all you need is a one way communication with you fixing something on the other end and that's fine.


    BUT with Mikogo, I could start by working on the other person's computer then switch so that person can see my computer screen for a couple minutes and switch back if needed! That's a wonderful feature and easy to do for non-techies! The fact that you can temporarily allow control of your own pc, and always take it back makes people feel better about the program too.


    Over the years I have tried several online meeting type programs to assist others with varying success. Sometimes firewalls and antivirus just make it impossible! I don't get paid for my time so I don't have extra funds to pay for a subscription to some of the nicer services so I rely on the freebies with limited functions. Other freebies I tried just did not impress me like this one.


    Let me know what you think of it once you give it a try...

  15. Bruce, this software may not fit your needs.

    Mikogo is not designed for you to reach into your own computer remotely unless someone is there to join a session for you.


    It is designed for two or more people to work together for presentations and/or support.

    EASY way to get someone's settings corrected, etc.


    I like it because I can use it freely in a commercial environment. Have personally used this thing about 6 times in a week. Saved a TON of time. If we were to upgrade it to BeamYourScreen (paid version), no "stub" would need to be installed by the attendees. They would just visit the HTML page you specify.


    Besides collegues, I have had my mother install it, will have my brother install it on his new pc next week so it will be easier to help him when he calls for assistance.


    When I come across something that makes me rave, really fits a need, I like to share the good news. Hope that someone else finds it as helpful as I do.

  16. Tried that. No Joy.


    But your posting gave me the direction to go.


    And this did work so if ourdomain.net is accessed with or without the www., the server will send the visitor to our primary domain at the www.ourdomain.comand show that .com address in the address bar.



    >RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ourdomain.net$ [OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.ourdomain.net$
    RewriteRule ^/?$ "http\:\/\/www\.ourdomain\.com" [R=301,L]


    Put one of those statements in for EACH of the parked domains.

    Now our visitors will only get our main domain.COM address in the URL



  17. If you have ever needed to connect into someone else's computer to help them or want them to connect to your computer to show them something, it usually costs quite a bit of frustration and money.


    There are services like gotomeeting.com and others that give a free trial for a limited time. But I have found a service where there is no charge at anytime. Not a trial. Just free.



    - Free, not a trial

    - PC or Mac

    - Connect from 2 to 19 users at one time (perfect for meetings online)

    - Can switch presenter. Start with person 1 hosting (their computer is seen by everyone) then switch to showing person 2 computer.

    - The presenter can choose to allow one of the users to just point at things OR take control of their machine and can always STOP the control.

    - Encrypted

    - Whiteboard can be turned on, cleared and off (write directly on the screen (circle, underline, etc)

    - Personal and Commercial users allowed.

    - Can be turned off and not start with computer each time.

    - Tiny program.

    - EASY.

    - Antivirus & Firewall settings are automatic with many softwares...no effort needed for most folks.


    My personal experience with the program has been excellent so I am telling folks about it. I have used it:

    - for business (to support a colleague and get her emails running again and other issues). Connection for 45 minutes, solid, very little lag time (less than PC ANYWHERE). Took about 2 minutes for each of us to install the software and another minute to connect. SIMPLE controls and very usable even by non-tech types.

    - for personal to show what was on my computer to someone else and see their machine too. Simply by switching presenter, we were able to each see.


    HIGHLY recommend you try this tiny piece of software if you need a support or meeting type software.

    (I get NOTHING for my recommendation or for your use of the software and I am not affiliated with them in any way).

  18. Sorry to be so delayed in responding...been sick, offline for days.


    I hadn't used any other browser than the built-in IE. I have updated the ROM four times already and everything "extra" gets lost and I have to reinstall. A couple games have never been completed because I make great progress then have to go back to the beginning when I update ROM. I didn't like the idea of losing my favorites every time I update the phone.

  19. For about 2 years I have had a cell phone with Windows on it. A couple months ago I ran the ROM update to bring it to Windows Mobile 6. It works fine. Better than 5! But all the time I have had only the internet explorer on the phone.


    Recently used safari on an ipod touch and thought that was quite nice so went to a forum to see what is compatible with my phone.


    Today I found and loaded a different browser on my cell phone and it is a wonderful world! :)

    I can see a web page like a web page instead of a jumble of columns.

    skyfire.com offers a browser that supports flash, javascript, videos, you name it.

    For the first time, my mobile device allows me to read AND post on forums!


    If you have the time, take a look at the demo on their site. It isn't just hype. It actually works like they say!

    Wish my old IE on the phone could present the web like this!!!

    I dread the day I have to upgrade my ROM again. I will lose this program and have to start over.

  20. You CAN use the free shared ssl with Paypal successfully.


    Paying for your own ssl will allow the certificate to match your domain name.


    If you use the free shared ssl, know that your customer may get a warning saying the domain name on the certificate does not match.


    If uncomfortable about it, or to prevent questions by customers, you can post a notice like:

    "I use a shared security certificate, in the name of my host: .tchmachines instead of ****** so say YES to accept if you get a warning when paying!"

  21. So very sad. That THING totally misses the purposes that made the radio flyer such an endearing toy.


    As kids, we could load the little wagon with pets, with "treasures", friends and what ever our imagination allowed.

    Tipping over in it was half the fun (and danger).

    Using it on the side as part of a fort or for protection from snowballs.


    As adults we remember those joys and find other purposes for the wagon.

    I got a radio flyer back in 1993 for the specific purpose of moving mulch, carrying plants, etc around my yard and still use it for that. Practical.


    That THING is so complicated, so protective, so unecessary.

    They have jumped the shark!

  22. Depends on your plans for the domain and what type of account you have now.


    - If you want to point that second name to your first site, then no, you don't have to pay more. Example sample.com and sample.net could point to the same website/hosted space. The first name has the hosted space. The second name is PARKED on top of the first domain so if you enter either one, you end up at the first domain. Great for mispelings of website names. You just open a ticket and tech support will help you with this for no extra cost.


    - If you want to have a second website with a different purpose and you have a regular account (starter plan, gold, etc) you would need to get a second hosted space. You can not point the second name to a subdirectory/subdomain within the hosted space. Ex: sample.com and jewelryRus.com You can not point jewelryRus.com to a folder on the sample.com hosted space. It would need its own TCH hosted account.


    - If you want to have a second website with a different purpose and you have a RESELLER account, you can split your space anyway you want. You can allocate half to one domain, and half to another. or 60%/40%, etc. Your choice. Reseller allows you to have one or several domains in the same account. No extra cost. You are already paying for that ability if you have a reseller account. And the reseller account has a control panel that gives you access to all the accounts hosted in that space. Nice way to control several sites...keep them together under one umbrella!

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