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  1. Probably best explaining of the new situation and everything what happened before and after decision of phpBB team come from opinion of one of the oldest and probably best php coders which mods official are never verified from phpBB team - Ptirhiik (creator of category hierarchy and their integrating into phpBB): From http://www.phpbbhacks.com/forums/phpbb-2-s...09-vt72608.html With main point: who will trust the phpBB team in the future, knowing they announce they will keep security fixes even on old previous version (that is what they have claimed since the release of phpBB 3, and before), and finally drop it in such a short time line ? I won't for sure.
  2. I think that they need to think more about their customers and give ability to take over current mods or to give you option to manually update it. Just start to think what will happen if B.Gates decide to make completely new system over 3-4 years where programers of software, drivers etc.. need to write everything from scratch of make big modification to their product. With explanation that it evolves!? I think that it should be end of MIcrosoft. I will stick with old version so far as it is possible and chose my next board wisely to prevent same thing happen again.
  3. I like your irony The problem is with incompatibility where we can not integrate mods from phpBB2.x. And it have nothing to do with progress. Imagine that with every new version of Operational system all computer programers must rewrite their program to be compatible with new version? I'm not sure of my point was clear to you but if with every major upgrade you can import only stuff from MySql then it is still thumb down
  4. That;s big problem of phpBB3.x. Because phpBB3.x has been coded differently all old mods will be lose including style of board. I maintain also 2-3 boards and there are some mod that are really vital for board (like group mods paypal). It is not problem that there is new board and that support for old stop it but it is problem that because of different coding not any old mod is valid on new board and it is big min. for phpBB team. I'm afraid that over 4-5 years when new phpBB4.x come out same thing will happen with phpBB3.x
  5. I would like to say that i was pessimist regarding this upgrade but without reason. Server 103 has been updated this morning and there was only one glitch with including. Tech. support solved problem and now everything works fine. Nice
  6. The people on other forum say that php4 code is mostly compatible with php5 and rarely errors can occur but i'm pessimist and i expect a lot problems for TC clients and a lot problems for TC too. Simple because of decision to not run both version on same server for a little bit longer.
  7. Developing of program has been discontinued and i could not find any working version of program. Do you have maybe link to working program or do you have maybe any shareware program that can help you with converting to PHP5. I tried to search but could not find any.
  8. Agree. But php official website say that they will continue to make critical security fixes until 2008-08-08. So please give us more time running both version of php at least a couple more months. Many of us do not have server running PHP5 where they can test all php script and at the moment that PHP5 version will be installed on all servers totalchoice can expect a lot angry emails for non-working web site. It is better to run both version and give us time for test old php script and enough time for possible rewriting of scripts.
  9. Having both version on same server is easy task: How to Configure Apache to work with PHP4 and PHP5 Save yourself from trouble by saving your client from trouble.
  10. I think that it will cost me at least $100-$200 to let some php coder to verify and eventually rewrite some php script because many of them that i used right now are written for PHP4 and i can be lucky if half of them works for PHP5!? So my appeal is again to leave PHP4 along with PHP5 on all servers. Save yourself from unnecessary trouble by saving your client from trouble. Thanks
  11. Thanks for let us know about news but i'm still wonder why not leave PHP4 on server along with PHP5!? So far i know it is possible and it will save a lot people of trouble to rewriting code from PHP4 to PHP5 and because PHP6 come very soon then again rewriting to PHP6. Many hosting company already run both version to save their client unnecessary trouble. If there is not PHP4 along with PHP i guess that you will see december as busiest month every in history of company because of massive tickets that will come in about broken and non working sites.
  12. I hope that someone knows answer from tch staff and can reply here. Thanks
  13. I have 2 website hosted by totalchoice. One on the server 72.18.159.x and other one on server 204.11.52.x I would like that script from hosting 204.11.52.x instead of connecting to localhost that go to MySql database and then perform same things. I know that there is option for MySql remotely where i should add for example connecting from ip 204.11.52.x but is possible to let script from one hosting simple connect to other one and perform? Work that only with specific software or you can use also scripts and let them connect. Thanks
  14. Deny

    Virus Scanners

    I would like to add F-secure AV.It s probably one of the best AV.F-secure use already 3 engines for scanning (including kaspersky engine and signature files) and F-secure online scanner is worth to try http://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/ols.shtml
  15. danzfamily is cool looking site in my opinion with clean, simple and nice design. Good job.
  16. Congrats to Serbia.It is even better if you can understand lyrics from song. My favourite were Georgia and Bulgaria but anyway...
  17. F5 should probably fix your problem without closing Firefox or even restarting your PC.
  18. Deny


    I do not agree with you Deverill. I have a couple site on different shared hosting by different company where one of the sites according to Awstats have about 100k monthly (between 3000-4000 daily).If you would like to change something then you gonna to ask. Max_user_connection on another sites is, depend on hosting, set to 30, 40 and on one hosting to 50 max_user_connection. The reason that i do not host all sites by the same company is same ip address (or same classes for ip) Anyway my point is that in my opinion is ridiculous to charge $26.95 from the member monthly and not be able to change something for him into his account and then monitor of that changes should give trouble or not. Members are gold. That's something that know every company. Other company are more flexible in communication with members and will do more than totalchoice. I do not have problems right now with max_user_connection because the site is relative new but who knows what can happen over couple months.Then will be probably time to search for another hosting. Thanks for your time guys. btw Nobody talk about "unlimited resources set" and do not need it but about too limited (20 connection per member!?)
  19. Deny


    Thanks for explanation. It is clear. My conclusion is that shared hosting on totalchoice are only for the sites with limited traffic (under 60.000 unique visitor monthly or about 2000 unique visitors daily). If your site start to grow up and you receive more visitors you need to look for another hosting because is not possible to change setting on member basis as other company do.
  20. Deny


    I know but the price is difference for basic, silver and platinum. Restriction should be different too and 20 is tooo low limit.
  21. Deny


    I have talk with Tom Duncan (chat) and he told me: Thats way i asked all things above.How is possible that such a powerful servers as totalchoice has limit to 20 (very very low for share hosting comparing with other hosting company) and how is possible that Platinum account (where you pay $26.95) and Basic account (where you pay $4.00) have same restriction. It is for me absolutely illogical that member who pay $4.00 have same restriction as member who pay $26.95!
  22. Deny


    In theory if you have busy sites (let's say you have 80.000 - 100.000 unique visitors monthly) sometime can happen that you have 70-80 online or even more. If 20 of them did request on the same time error will appear. I do not use mysql_pconnect nowhere but limiting to 20 for shared hosting seems to me as dangerous limit for busy sites. Other hosts have for example 25 for share hosting. Thats way i do not understand that Totalchoice with such a powerful servers (more powerful that company above use) has been set limit to 20!? And furthermore it does not matter of you have Platinum account (where you pay $26.95) or Basic account (where you pay $4.00). It is for me absolutely illogical that member for $4.00 have same limit as member for example $26.95
  23. Deny


    Hello, I've just talk with technical support and would like to open threads regarding max_user_connections limit. It comes to my attention that setting for max_user_connections into MySql is too limited. Right now is set to 20 and if more people are online they must wait until it comes below 20. It is for myself not logical that someone with Basic Plan and someone with Gold Plan have same setting into MySql while is logical to expect that Gold Plan and higher expect more visitors and chance for mysql error because of limit is high. If your site use a lot databases with visits from 50.000 or 60.000 unique visitors monthly then is most likely that sometime will occur delay and slow down for visitors because of that email. Anyway my question of is it possible to increase max_user_connections from 20 to 25 or 30? thanks
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