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  1. Thanks a lot for your post, Bill Open and clear communication helps a lot to understand undergoing events and, even more important, to build trust. Unfortunately, nobody can nowadys ensure something will not fail and, therefore, the most realistic expectation is to hardly work together to fix issues when they arise. We all expect, as you say, many years of smooth and quiet operations ! Kind regards,
  2. If this helps you someway, OJB, we are also experiencing (from Spain) intermitent, short (1-5 minutes) connectivity issues to our server (Palpatine) last fews weeks. It seems to be some kind of communications issue probably at Datacenter since it appears to happen only when accessing TCH, sometimes including access to help desk, forums, or TCH website itself. Regarding potential trojasn on upur forums. One month ago we found several of our customers forums and pages, before the body html tag had been rewritten by someone on the server invoking an external script on a chinese domain, som
  3. Well, we will keep tuned May be a silly question, but... I understand these were all fully managed servers and so they are when you don's say otherwise, right ?
  4. I also be absent for sometime and now I have been surprised with this sad notice. My condolonces and simpathy for his Family and all the TCH family. He was always a really kind and lovable man
  5. Is server373 already included ?? Looks like the thread http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...mp;#entry198230 is not been updated since second half of January.
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