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#1 Ahryn


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Posted 03 August 2006 - 11:14 AM

Hi everyone,

I am just wondering how you attach your site to a search engine so that when ppl put in key words my site comes up.

Thank you


#2 TCH-Thomas


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Posted 03 August 2006 - 11:31 AM

This section of the forum covers much of it :clapping:

As for how to ask the search engines...

Most search engines have a submission page where you can submit your site.

Here is how Google want you to submit your site to them.
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#3 Deverill


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Posted 03 August 2006 - 05:26 PM

Also remember, though, that submissions to search engines are nearly useless unless you get links to your site from other sites that are already listed. The seach engines like word of mouth from your "friends" better than you standing up saying you should be listed.

There's a whole science to getting your site listed prominently on the search engines - read through these forums and you'll pick up most of the basics needed to get it going. If you have any specific questions, Erin, don't hesitate to ask!
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#4 Samrc


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Posted 03 August 2006 - 09:34 PM

And of course you should not insult/irritate the search engines by over submitting. Too much and they consider that you are spamming them.

Deverill is correct. You need to follow good construction tips for acceptable content but INCOMING LINKS to your site are vital. They allow the spiders to walk to your site! Consider: If your site has no incoming links to it, it is alone on an island with no way to get to it. And even if google knew where the island was, there is no reason to send people to it because there is no interest in the island. However, if you have a few weak incoming links, they will build some roads to your site. Eventually you will have strong links from very well linked, well listed sites that provide good strong roads to your site. And google will list your site.
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#5 Deverill


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Posted 04 August 2006 - 07:24 AM

Deverill is correct.

Of course I am :)

I like the island analogy though. Very appropriate.
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#6 dhruvpatel

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 05:49 AM

You can attach your site to google by
1.writing articles and submit it to article directories.
2. Make profiles in forums and contribute in it.
3. Comments on blogs related to your topic.

#7 GuestLuisribasGuest

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 06:38 AM

you have to submit sitemap on google and verify your site for goole. use google webmaster tool for that and in this add your site url

and also in yahoo and Bing

#8 qman


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Posted 25 November 2015 - 08:24 PM

One of the things I do on my economics blog is disginguish between how things are definded and how they function. Google and the others are defined as search engines but are not according to how they function. There is now way a small web page is going to get really good exposure on any of them. That would work against "search engine's"  business model.


Eventually an euntrepenuer will notice that there is a huge demand for a gunuine search engine. and start one. To find something genuinely interesting it is impossible on google and all of the others. I would start one myself if I knew how to put one together. I am surprised total choice doesn't do this.

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