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  2. Hi and welcome to the forum, shadowgun1102. If you don´t mind rewriting the sites content I would look into using a CMS like Joomla or Wordpress.
  3. Hi, I used to use MS FrontPage a long time ago. I would like to create/freshen up my website and would like suggestions on what easy to use webiste creation packages I should use. I liked the simplicity of using FrontPage but would like something to make my website look more modern without having to get into coding. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  4. Thank you for the kind words Lisety, sirius. It always feels great to hear such feedback from clients. Thank you for choosing totalchoice hosting.
  5. I feel the same, TCH hosting and support is the best. I also moved a website from TCH to someone that specializes in WordPress. Site was much slower than when the exact same site was on TCH reseller hosting. Support from the other host insisted the WP instal was the problem. Perhaps that had some truth to it but the website is much faster on TCH than the other host, and support is multiple times better.
  6. I have been with totalchoice hosting for 16 years or so and their customer service is the best! Many times when I contact support for something that's not within their purview, they send me a link where I can get my question answered, even if it has something to do with Wordpress. That is above and beyond, in my opinion. A few years ago, someone persuaded me to go elsewhere for hosting, like a host that specializes in Wordpress. Their support was terrible, and I didn't really notice much difference in my online presence. I tried a different host and found the same thing. I switched back to totalchoice Hosting within a month. I feel like I'm treated like family here and they always go that extra mile for me and my websites. I highly recommend them and am very happy with my hosting!
  7. Joomla 3.9.6 has been released. This release fixes a security issue and bugs. Read more / Get it at: joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5765-joomla-3-9-6-release.html or use it´s built-in updater.
  8. phpBB 3.2.3 which is a is a maintenance release has been released. Read more / Get it at: phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2510666
  9. Drupal 8.7.0 has been released. Read more / get it at: drupal.org/blog/drupal-8-7-0
  10. Migration complete. This took longer than what we initially estimated. But the delay was needed to make sure that the data from old server gets copied correctly. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. If you are seeing any issues, please open a ticket via our Help Desk, we will gladly check it out.
  11. We ran into some issues with the backup process so we are now treading slowly to ensure that the accounts that are being transferred are done properly. The accounts are very large so will take more time than we estimated. We are now working with lesser number of accounts in batches so that downtime can be avoided. We will update you as things progress
  12. we are half way through the migration.
  13. We will be starting migration in a few moments. Please refrain from doing anything on the accounts till this is reported as complete.
  14. Everything is back up and all services have been verified working fine.
  15. Hello We are having an issue with one rack of servers and we are working at the moment. We shall update this thread, with more details as soon as possible.
  16. As part of the upgrade plans TCH has for our server farm, we will be migrating all accounts on this server to a new server tomorrow. This would provide you with more power, stability and potential to further expand your business. The new server is on the same dns cluster, the sites will work fine as soon as the migration is complete. Since this is a completely new server, all accounts WILL be getting a new IP address. You still WILL NOT need to make any IP changes or DNS modifications from your end if you are using our nameservers. If you are using external nameservers or pointing the domain via IP from outside, you will need to update the IP to the one mentioned below. Please note that this needs to be done only after the migration is reported complete here. old IP :: new IP :: As always our technical support team will be online to attend your queries.
  17. Hello, The server is now back online and stable. Please open a ticket if you continue to have issues.
  18. Hello, We have taken the server down for an emergency maintenance, we hope to have it back online shortly. Please stand by for updates.
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