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  2. If your account has been effected by the cPanel Price Increase, you will be notified by email.
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  4. Joomla 3.9.12 has been released. This release fixes some security issues and bugs. Read more / Get it at: joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5776-joomla-3-9-12.html or use it´s built-in updater.
  5. Have the new prices for reseller accounts been posted yet?
  6. Joomla 3.9.11 has been released. This release fixes some security issues and bugs. Read more / Get it at: joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5775-joomla-3-9-11.html or use it´s built-in updater.
  7. Most companies would gradually increase rates over a period of time and never give their customers any reason why. Instead, the owner and founder of TCH let us know Why and When. I believe this is the first time I've ever seen a price increase here at TCH. This owner cares about his customers. I'm a long time and very happy customer of TCH. Other than the amazing service and technical support I receive. One of the main reasons why I've stayed with TCH is because of the transparency TCH has had with it's customers from the very beginning. I could not imagine the CEO of ANY other Web Hosting company writing a multi-paragraph post to notify users of an industry issue leading to a price increase. I've never seen such strong morals, ethics, and transparency in a company before. Even with a rate increase I couldn't be happier to stay with TotalChoice. Thank you for everything Bill. I am a lifelong customer.
  8. Greetings TCH family: As some of you have heard, cPanel announced a dramatic pricing structure change that has caused waves around the hosting industry. While they gloated about never having increased their pricing, cPanel has implemented both a significant price increase as well as an additional price/tax on user accounts. Their announcement and follow-up update can be found here. Their forum post can be found here as well. To be clear, TotalChoice has never made a profit on the sale of a license. It is a little known secret that some providers, such as ourselves, subsidize the cost of the license with the price of the server; effectively selling cPanel licenses at a loss. Unfortunately, this means we cannot absorb the cost of this price change and must pass it on to the end user. That said, we're still absorbing a small portion of the increase while still keeping the previous subsidy in place. We will be announcing new cPanel product pricing towards the middle of next week, please stay tuned. For some end users the price increase will be relativity small, however for users with oversold dedicated servers, VPS servers and or reseller accounts the increase may be dramatic. Please know that this is happening across the hosting industry, and is not specific to TotalChoice. Price increases will be levied on invoices with due dates on or after October 1st. As you can imagine, there has been a huge backlash in the forums and social media against this drastic change. For example, their Facebook rating went from 4.6 to 2.1 within a week! I personally find it appalling what they are doing! Some users may consider migrating to alternative control panels. cPanel is not the only player in the Web Hosting control panel market. We do not plan on moving away from cPanel for any of our shared platforms, however if you are using a dedicated server or VPS, there may be less expensive control panels on the market. So if your control panel invoice is something you can not absorb, we would be more than happy to help you transition to a new panel. Thank you for your continued business!
  9. All our servers are cPanel based, currently this is not supported by cPanel.
  10. This can be done by setting up appropriate htaccess directives like RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.****** [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://******/$1 [L,R=301]
  11. I need to make a remote connection to my TCH MySQL database from elsewhere on the Internet. Do the TCH servers support an encrypted connection to MySQL so that db login credentials and data isn't transiting in the clear?
  12. Domain registration is provided by an affiliated firm, we can only assist you with providing info. If you can let me know more details regarding the query that you made via our desk, I will be more than happy to check if your support request was handled correctly. Details on how you can generate the EPP code can be found on the link HERE If you need more assistance, please contact domain registration support HELP DESK .
  13. Hey gang, how do Parked domains work? I have a client who I have parked a second domain: Domain: www.theartisanalhouse.com Parked Domains: theartisanalhouse.com What I would like is a permanent redirect (i.e. www.theartisanalhouse.com is permantly redirected to theartisanalhouse.com). Right now both URLs are functional... both pointing to the same page but each with a unique URL (which is carried out throughout all the internal links). How would I go about making only one unique URL (e.g. 301-like redirect)? Is this possible? Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Sorry, I can´t help you on this, but maybe @TCH-Bala or @TCH-Dick can.
  15. can someone share with me how can i request for the EPP and aut code for migration from TCH to our region domain. So far TCH refuse to perform guide and help for customer who wish to transfer or move out from their domain by giving excuse to said they dont have such practise.
  16. Hello, This issue was caused by a failure in our DC Power Plant. This is the source that feeds all our Core Routing gear. The problem was identified as a faulty Capacitor and shorted fail over switch. This should of never happened and we still do no fully understand what series of events caused the DC generating plant to fail. The system is designed with dual redundant plants and a 3rd failover is UPS Battery Backup. It appears when the Capacitor blew it sent a spike across to the fail over switch and nothing failed over. What we really do not yet understand is why the UPS Battery system did take over the load. During the entire out the UPS bank never showed more than a 13% load and was sitting in ready mode but never deployed. The reason our entire network did not go down all at once was because certain routing gear requires 20V and some other gear need 30V or 40V or 40-48V. When the generation of DC power stooped the internal batteries stopped getting continuous charge. So we watched in horror as the battery voltage started dropping from 48V. When we were able to restore DC operations, our internal DC power plant was producing 18Vs. I am thankful we were able to restore services so quickly. This was a very large issue, that my team handled with passion and safety. When we are dealing with 408V of power, it gets a little scary. But the electrical team did an great job. We do not expect this to occur again, however we have contracted with outside independent DC power plant specialty company to review. Any upcoming maintenance on this unit will be advised on our forums. Thank you for your understanding and I am really sorry this has happened. In regards to uptime i would like to offer this, I have been using this reply to clients about this outage and felt it appropriate to include here. ==================================================== " We contract with an outside, 3rd party and independent monitoring company to track our uptime. You can review their full report for our network uptime at the following link : If you take a close look you can see we have never ended our yearly uptime with anything less than 99.99%. You can also note that we have never fallen below 99.95% uptime. Most likely 2019 will be another 99.99+% uptime track record for us. Please note we purge uptime records every 3 years. http://www.uptimedoctor.com/publicreport/hmpxpe8z/113178/2/342159 Downtime is an unfortunate part of this business and we strive to do our best. However, every host on every platform will have downtime. Facebook, Amazon and all the other large companies. Even, yes Google and Yahoo have outages. https://www.uptrends.com/news/Google-and-Yahoo-services-have-the-same-uptime I am truly sorry this outage occurred and please know that I was on site at the Data Center within 30 minutes of the outage start and stayed onsite and guided all operations to restore service as quickly as possible. "
  17. The issue is resolved. We have checked and confirmed servers are up and running. @Head Guru will be posting a detailed outage report shortly. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we were working on the problem.
  18. Dc power plant that feeds all the core routers is down. Electrical engineer team is on the way.
  19. We are experiencing an outage at our DC1 facility affecting some of our servers. The issue is with upstream provider, they are working on it. We are constantly in touch with them, updates to follow.
  20. Follow up post regarding my original post about the release of Joomla 3.9.9... Joomla 3.9.10 is now available. This is a bug fix release which addresses one bug introduced into 3.9.9, affecting template styles of multilingual websites. Read more / get it at: joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5774-joomla-3-9-10.html or use the updater.
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